Relocating Fire Station 14 – December Update

December 28, 2017
After several months of unexpected project delays, the site was cleared in November. Groundbreaking is expected in January.

See more photos on Mike’s new SmugMug site.


November 9, 2016
On Monday, November 7, another public meeting was held, to present the current plans for and receive feedback on the new Fire Station 14.

Their presentation include included a site plan and more renderings. Construction is planned to start in June, and with a thirteen-month build time. Click to enlarge:

2016-11-09-rfd1a 2016-11-09-rfd4a
2016-11-09-rfd2a 2016-11-09-rfd3a

The trees on the site–or sites, as the parcels haven’t been combined yet–were cleared in recent weeks. Four empty houses are still standing. The fire department has used them for some training. They’ll be demolished in the near future, likely around the holidays. Click to enlarge:


August 15, 2016
Here are pictures of the drawings displayed at the public meeting, including a simplified floor plan sketch from myself. Notice that the exterior materials are different/different color than the Station 12 drawings seen in our prior post. Click to enlarge, or see more photos:


2016-08-15-rfd2a 2016-08-15-rfd3a 2016-08-15-rfd4a

August 6, 2016
The Raleigh Fire Department will hold a public meeting about rebuilding and relocating Fire Station 14 at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 9, at the Jaycee Park Community Center, 2405 Wade Avenue. The meeting, hosted by the Office of the Fire Chief and Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects, will present a project overview, share current designs, and field citizen discussion and feedback. Read the entire press release.

Station 14 is located at 4220 Lake Boone Trail, on a wee parcel beside Rex Hospital. It’s being relocated to the corner of Harding Road and Nancy Anne Drive, to a trio of parcels that’ll be combined into a 2.22 acre site. Read more about the fire station and its history.


The new Station 14 will be nearly identical to new Station 12, and located at the corner of Bus Way and Poole Road. Both are designed to house an engine and ladder company, a Battalion Chief, and Division Chief. Construction on Station 12 starts in September. Construction on Station 14 will start in 2017.

See this blog post from earlier this week, with details and drawings of the new Station 12. See also this blog archives posting from 2014, about the first parcel purchased for Station 14.

Watch this space for more information, after we attend the meeting on Tuesday.

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