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9/22/08 8:49 AM

RALEIGH - Three alarms at 1022 Hammell Drive. Engine 1 first arriving at two-story, block/metal warehouse building with 31,634 square-feet. Major working fire declared on arrival. Defensive attack initiated within minutes. Engine 1 and Ladder 1 flowing as fire vented through roof. Ladder 20 positioned behind building, also flowing. Ladder 11 later positioned and flowing. Ground monitors and two-inch hand lines also utilized. Car 2 in command, assisted by Battalion 3, Battalion 2, Car 5, and Car 1. Four+ hydrants supplying water. Alarm time about 5:30 p.m. Fire out at 9:35 p.m. First alarm: E1, E13, E2, E10, L1, R7, B3, C5, C20, A8. Second alarm: E8, E5, E20, L20, L11, R14, R19, B2, C2, C1. Additional ladder (L11) special called. Additional rescue (R19) dispatched, due to possibility of two subjects inside structure. Third alarm: E22, E4, E6, L16, B4. Plus EMS 1, EMS 11, EMS 13, EMS 20, EMS 31, EMS D1, EMS D2, EMS T1. Crews remained on scene through night. "B" shift. Mike Legeros photographs.

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