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4/22/10 7:28 AM

RALEIGH - Two alarms at 221 W. Millbrook Road. Engine 9 arriving at a two-story, wood-frame commercial structure with 2,226 square-feet. Built 1978, dentist office. Heavy smoke from front of structure. Interior attack, with fire found in attic. Battalion 1 assumed command on arrival, and called for a second alarm within a couple minutes. Ladder 1 backed into parking lot, and deployed in front of building. Utilized for roof operations, with crews ventilating. Staging on both Millbrook Road, and in parking lot across street. Medical monitoring and rehab also located in parking lot across street. Dispatched 7:13 a.m. Controlled 7:49 a.m. No injuries. Cause determined as accidental. Outgoing "A" shift personnel relieved by incoming "B" shift personnel. Units on scene included E9, E16, E17, E4, E15, E11, E6, L1, L_, R1, R3, B1, B2, B4, C10, C20, A1, C1, C2, EMS 3, EMS 16, D1, D4, M9_, T1, WC1. Mike Legeros photographs.

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