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9/20/10 5:18 PM

RALEIGH - On the evening of September 20, the Raleigh Fire Department participated in the national Get on the Truck campaign, a campus fire safety community service project involving college students and led by the Michael H. Minger Foundation. Students from North Carolina State University and Shaw University accompanied Engine 3, Engine 13, Car 71, Car 2, and Car 1 into targeted residential areas of southeast Raleigh. They checked for working smoke detectors, and provided batteries and installation of alarms as needed. They made contact with 50 residents, tested 38 alarms, replaced 26 non-functioning alarms, and replaced 12 batteries. Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Wayne Goodwin, Office of the State Fire Marshal staff, and family members of Cody Pilkington, a student at North Carolina State who lost his life in an off-campus fire in 2005, also participated in the event. "B" shift. Mike Legeros photographs.

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