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2/12/11 2:14 PM

RALEIGH - Reported structure fire at 9159 Wooden Road. Engine 24 arriving at a townhouse complex with a fast-moving grass fire between and behind the two-story, wood-frame, brick-veneer structures each approximately 2,700 square-feet. Engine 24 caught own hydrant. Second-arriving Engine 23 directed to opposite end of block, to catch own hydrant and cut off the spread of flames. Second alarm requested within minutes. Fire controlled in about 20 minutes and second alarm units returned to service. No extension to structures. Extensive wet-down. One resident checked for possible smoke inhalation. Dispatched about 1:30 p.m. E24, E23, E17, L6, R3, B4, C10, C20, EMS 54. "A" shift. Mike Legeros photographs.

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