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RALEIGH - RALEIGH-DURHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Hazardous-materials incident aboard arriving aircraft. Suspicious substance-- white powder-- found in restroom aboard incoming flight from Chicago. Aircraft landed and escorted to isolated ramp just south of airport fire station. CFR 1 responded, with CFR 2 for lighting. CFR 10 as fire branch command. Two alarm EMS response, with District 4 as EMS branch commander at fire station, inside secure area. Staging officer District 3, also at fire station, outside secure area. Ambulances from Cary, Six Forks, and Wake County EMS: EMS 52, EMS 54, EMS 122, EMS 4, EMS 121, EMS 55, plus Truck 1. Three medical crews inside fire station, include medics ready and wearing entry suits. One medic responded to aircraft, as rehab officer. Medic 9_ and EMS 200 also on scene. Passengers taken off plane with mobile stairs and loaded onto three busses. Raleigh Fire Department hazardous materials team responded, with Haz-Mat 1 escorted to location of aircraft. Other units on scene included SR 2 (recon, staffed by Engine 8), SR 3 (decon, staffed by Ladder 5), and Battalion 3. Haz-mat personnel entered aircraft, retrieved samples, and determined substance was talcum powder. Other agencies on scene included Wake County EM, RDU Police, and FBI. Photos from both sides of the fence. Mike Legeros photographs.

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