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Social Media Workshops at the South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo
Memorial Service for Durham County Paramedic Donald Fonville, Thursday, July 30
Providence Fire Department Ceases Service (1 comment)
NC ANG Firefighter Dies at Firehouse in Stanly County
Charlotte Fire Department Receives Class 1 Rating (2 comments)
How to Become a Fire Photographer (2 comments)
Glenwood Towers First Fire Alarm Circa 1971 (5 comments)
Durham Highway's 1984 Mack For Sale... Three Hours Left! (1 comment)
New Old Ladder for Four Oaks
Seen on Lead Mine Road - Former Atlantic FD (3 comments)
USDA Drone Warning Poster - If You Fly, We Can't
Recap of Raleigh Ladder 3 Accident (1 comment)
Reader Mail Wake County Apparatus Updates (5 comments)
Matchbox Mack CF Pumper
Epsom's New Rosenbauer Rescue Pumper (3 comments)
Video of Vehicle Fire on Millbrook Road
Wake County Fire Commission Meeting - July 16, 2015 (2 comments)
Mass. Haz-Mat Trucks See New Life in Rural NC (2 comments)
Incident Summary of Emerald Isle Deck Collapse on July 4, 2015 (1 comment)
Video Footage From 1995 - High-Level Rope Rescue (2 comments)

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+ 0 - 0 | § Social Media Workshops at the South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo

Counting down to the South Atlantic FIRE RESCUE Expo in Raleigh, which starts in ten days with a two-day golf tournament on Monday, August 10. See this Schedule at a Glance.

Conference workshops start on Friday, August 14. Yours Truly will be co-presenting at one of two social media workshops that afternoon. The other one's is that morning. Here's the skinny on both:

How much to attend these classes? Full conference registration is $70 for NCSFA members or $100 for non-members. (And this year there's a bonus for full conference registrants. Special show floor preview on Thursday night, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.)

Want to visit the show floor only, with no access to the workshops? On Friday, the "show only" passes are $35.00 each and good for two days. On Saturday, the "show only" passes are $20.

(And while you're walking on the Mezzanine Level of the Raleigh Convention Center, watch for the Raleigh Fire Museum's booth. Yours Truly will be there as well. We're also selling new fire department challenge coins. More on that later.)

Register for SAFRE

+ 0 - 0 | § Memorial Service for Durham County Paramedic Donald Fonville, Thursday, July 30

This announcement was shared to public safety personnel this week. Memorial service tomorrow night for recently deceased Durham County Paramedic Donald Fonville:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, we lost Paramedic Donald Fonville, unexpectedly, on July 4th. The precepts of his faith required burial within 24 hours, so many who knew him and wished to pay their respects did not have the opportunity to do.

Accordingly, the Durham County EMS family has planned a memorial service to remember Donald as our brother and a member of the Durham County health care and public safety families. This will be a non-denominational event. It will be held at Clements Funeral Service, 1105 Broad Street, Durham, North Carolina, at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 30, 2015. Friends, colleagues, and others who wish to remember Donald are invited to attend.

Attire will be dress uniform for public safety personnel, business or business casual for others.

Chiefs of allied law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies are asked to give this invitation the widest possible dissemination throughout their organizations.

Please come and join us as we remember our departed brother.

Thank you.


+ 1 - 1 | § Providence Fire Department Ceases Service

July 28
As reported in these stories from WBTV, WCCB, WSCO, and WNCN, today is the last day of operation for Providence Volunteer Fire Department in Union County. The department has protected the town of Weddington and surrounding area since 1961. Town officials cancelled their contract with PFD in April, which we originally blogged about (see below). Wesley Chapel Fire Department will begin contracted protection today.

Planned for tonight is a closing ceremony at 10:45 p.m. The flag at the fire station will be lowered and Fire Chief Kenny Schott will make remarks. At midnight, the fire apparatus will depart. They'll turn left onto Weddington-Matthews Road, turn right at the Seminary, and turn right onto Chestnut Street. The public is invited to the event. Attendees are requested to arrive at the station no later than 10:30 p.m.

The fire department and the town are also engaged in a legal battle. PVFD has filed a lawsuit against the town, claiming breach of contract. (They were two years into the ten-year agreement.) On Monday, Union County Superior Court granted PVFD a temporary restraining order until the trail. That prevents the town from selling the fire station building.

Here's a picture of the station today, as well some great historical views of their original apparatus. Check out that home-built 4x4 mini tanker! All images are from the PVFD Facebook page. Click to enlarge:

April 30
Originally titled Union County Town to Terminate Contract with County Fire Department

As reported by WBTV and WNCN this week, the town of Weddington in Union County voted to transfer its contracted fire protection from the Providence Fire Department to the Wesley Chapel Fire Department.

Town officials cited financial reasons as the reasons for the decision. They've been worried about PFD's ability to sustain itself. The date of the termination has not been decided. The plan will see the Providence fire station occupied by Wesley Chapel firefighters.


+ 0 - 1 | § NC ANG Firefighter Dies at Firehouse in Stanly County

North Carolina Air National Guard Firefighter Capt. James Alan "Truck" Hicks, 44, was found dead on Monday morning at Station 27, at the Stanly County Airport. He was discovered at 7:30 a.m., lying on a sofa in his sleeping quarters, reports this Stanly News & Press story. His passing is being treated as a line-of-duty death, as it occurred within twelve hours of firefighting activities. 

Hicks was among the firefighters who answered as mutual aid to Bethany Volunteer Fire Department, a house fire on Kemp Road at 7:40 p.m. on Sunday. Reports this WBTV story, Hicks and a second firefighter took a tanker to the scene. They both then assisted with interior firefighting. Crews were eventually withdrawn as "conditions inside became too dangerous."

He became sickened at the scene and displayed "nausea and vomiting." (Described as heat exhaustion in other stories.) He reported feeling better about an hour later. Upon returning to their quarters, the two firefighters "went to bed."

Hicks lived in Cabarrus County. He had been a firefighter with Station 27 since July 2010. He's the first member of NC ANG Fire Emergency Services to die in the line of duty.  (Four NC ANG airmen died in 2012, when their 145th Airlift Wing airborne tanker crashed while finding a woodland fire in South Dakota.)

Believe this is the second in Stanly County's history, following the death of East Side Fire Department volunteer firefighter Grady Mill in a motor-vehicle accident on May 1, 1965.

This tribute banner is making the rounds on Facebook. Creator credit TBD:

+ 0 - 1 | § Charlotte Fire Department Receives Class 1 Rating

News outlets are announcing that the Charlotte Fire Department has received a Class 1 Public Protection Classification rating from the Insurance Services Organization (ISO). Congratulations!

(It's their first Class 1. They join the ranks of recently announced Class 1 inductees of Cary, Fayetteville, and High Point fire departments. See blog posting from May.)

Here's a WSCO-TV story on same. Google for others stories. CFD has produced this nifty full-color flyer about the new rating, includes the "Class 1" graphic that's being added to fire apparatus. (Here's a picture via Twitter via #CFD_alarm.) View the PDF document:

+ 1 - 1 | § How to Become a Fire Photographer

By Mike Legeros

Version 1.1 – July 24, 2015

So you want to become a fire photographer? Meaning, someone who takes pictures of firefighters in action, at structure fires and other incidents. Basically, a combination fire buff and photojournalist.

For the purposes of this document, we’re presuming that these are civilians. They might have prior experience as a responder—or agency affiliation therein—but they’re not presently active as one.

What about active responders who are taking pictures on- or off-duty? Much of this information is applicable, but there are probable gaps. Such as the policy and legal considerations for someone taking pictures of their own department in action, and how they use or share those photos.

Also worth asking, is anyone with a camera at a fire automatically a “fire photographer?” Of course not. The label applies to someone with a set of demonstrated skills and practiced standards. They’re adept at getting good shots, telling a good story, and sharing appropriate imagery. They’re agile on scene and know where to stand and where not to stand. They work with the responders and their community and not against them.

Does that still sound interesting and exciting? Then let’s proceed with what we’ll call a direct download of Mike’s brain.

You have been warned.

Short Version

How to become a fire photographer

Three easy steps:

  1. Visit fire scenes.
  2.  Take pictures
  3.  Post pictures.

Or with slightly more explanation:

  1. Visit fire scenes.
  2.  Take pictures from public perspective.
  3.  Post pictures/share pictures with fire department.
  4.  Develop relationship(s) with firefighters and fire department.
  5.  Develop mastery of technical skills for photojournalistic techniques required for shooting fires.
  6.  Learn about fires and fire departments, to better choose what you’re photographing.
  7.  Learn and demonstrate how to edit and parse pictures, to respect privacy of victims and promote positive image/actions of firefighters.
  8.  Learn and demonstrate how to conduct yourself at a fire scene, to minimize impact on operations.
  9.  Earn permission to take pictures from “inside the tape.”



+ 2 - 2 | § Glenwood Towers First Fire Alarm Circa 1971

For your Thursday evening enjoyment comes this vintage photo, circa 1971. Was the first fire alarm at 509 Glenwood Avenue, e.g. Glenwood Towers. High-rise apartment building for seniors and the destination of Engine 5 and Engine 13 and too many other red trucks for the last forty-five years. Fire alarms, fire alarms, and more fire alarms. Plus many medical calls and even the occasional working fire. (We answered a reader question about that, back in September 2012.)

What do you see in the picture? Looks like Engine 5 in the foreground, one of two 1961 American LaFrance 900 Series pumpers. (But not the surviving one that's currently owned by the Raleigh Fire Museum.) Behind the engine is a foam unit, probably Foam 5. That's a 1965 International Harvester D1200 pick-me-up truck with a Kidde high-expansion foam generator. One of two such units in the fire department.

In the background is either Engine 1 or Engine 15, which was the second engine at Station 1. Both were 1970 Mack CF pumpers, the first two of those in the city. Also pictured are a pair of ambulances. Most likely Beacon Ambulance Service. Pretty cool picture and was scanned from a nifty booklet published by the Raleigh Housing Authority in 2013, titled 75 Years of Building Communities. What's the exact date of this image? We'll see if we can find it. Click to enlarge:

+ 3 - 1 | § Durham Highway's 1984 Mack For Sale... Three Hours Left!

And with three hours left at this GovDeals listing! The 1984 Mack MC pumper was removed from active service in 2008, and served as a reserve piece until 2014. Current bid is $1,500. Reserve not met.

+ 0 - 1 | § New Old Ladder for Four Oaks

Four Oaks Fire Department in Johnston County has added this 2007 Pierce Enforcer 1500/500/75' aerial ladder to their fleet. Placed in service on Wednesday, July 15. Originally saw service in New Chapel, IN, as Ladder 49. Later bought by Brindle Mountain Fire Apparatus in Alabama, which sold same to Four Oaks in Apri. Lee Wilson photographed the truck. See more pictures.

Lee Wilson photo

+ 1 - 1 | § Seen on Lead Mine Road - Former Atlantic FD

Caught this on Lead Mine Road last week, just down the road from the house. Former Atlantic Fire Department in Carteret County. Bought six or seven months ago. Used by a builder as a work truck. Maybe readers know more details about the vehicle. Click to enlarge:

+ 0 - 1 | § USDA Drone Warning Poster - If You Fly, We Can't

Surely you saw the story last week and even if you're name isn't Shirley, about the vehicles that burned on a freeway, after a wildfire "jumped" across the active roadway. More than a dozen cars and a couple trucks were destroyed as motorists fled on foot. Officials subsequently advised that "drones" impeded the operations of aerial firefighting. Five planes were forced to return to the airport. (Two drones even pursued the retreating aircraft!) Here's a Statter911 story about same, which links to a KNBC story.

Unmanned aircraft systems (AFS) have become enough of a problem (just out west?) that the United States Department of Agriculture has produced a poster for public education. "Drones near wildfires are not safe" it warns, noting that they can "cause injury or death to firefighters" as well as "hamper the their ability to protect lives, property, and natural cultural resources." See this USDA news release and accompanying larger version of the below poster.
Next question, is this the first formal education campaign about these? Or have other agencies, states, or even countries been spreading the word? Flying cameras are coming, folks.

+ 1 - 0 | § Recap of Raleigh Ladder 3 Accident

Early Tuesday evening, July 14, 2015, Raleigh Ladder 3 and a passenger car collided at the intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Pleasant Valley Drive. The four-door sedan was traveling west on Glenwood. The fire apparatus was traveling north on Pleasant Valley, responding as the second-due ladder company to a reported apartment fire at 6205 Shandra Drive. It was dispatched about 7:00 p.m.

The accident was reported by the Ladder 3 officer, who requested fire and EMS units. Engine 17 was dispatched along with Wake County EMS 1 and District 4. That's a paramedic ambulance and District Chief. The units were dispatched about 7:02 p.m.

Engine 17 arrived almost immediately. (Station 17, which also houses Ladder 3, is located about three blocks from the intersection at 4601 Pleasant Valley Road.) The engine company crew joined the ladder company members, who were providing aid to the occupants of the automobile.

The car contained four passengers, one adult and three children of ages one, three, and five. As their conditions were assessed, the crews on scene requested additional EMS resources, including at least five transport units. They were classified as trauma due to mechanism of injury. News reports later cited that none were believed to have life-threatening injuries. ("They were going to be okay" reported the WTVD story.)

Mike Legeros photo

Arriving ambulances were instructed to bring stretchers, as the adult and three pediatric patients were placed on backboards and ready for immediate transport. EMS 13 was followed by EMS 31, EMS 1, EMS 2 (arriving in a group), EMS 6, and EMS 22. Medic 95 was also on scene. Both Medic 95 and District 4 arrived before the first arriving ambulance. (Got that? M95, D4, EMS 13, 31, 1, 2, 6, 22.)

Additional fire department units included Battalion 4, Car 20 (Division Chief), Car 14 (Safety Officer), Car 2 (Asst. Chief of Operations), and Car 1 (Chief of Department).

The firefighters aboard Ladder 3 were also evaluated by EMS personnel. There were not injured. (They were triaged along with the occupants of the car. Those with the most serious injuries or potential injuries were attended first.) EMS 22 remained on scene after the four patients were transported to WakeMed.

Raleigh Police, Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Investigation, and North Carolina State Highway Patrol investigated the incident, which took a number of hours. Westbound Glenwood and southbound Pleasant Valley Road were both closed during that time.

Mike Legeros photo

Ladder 3 returned to service later that evening. It's operating Ladder 210, a reserve 1988 Pierce Arrow Snorkel. The damaged apparatus, a 2007 Pierce Arrow XT rear-mounted aerial ladder (1500/300/105') was first towed to Station 17. Crews removed equipment, for transfer to the reserve ladder. Ladder 3 was then towed to the fire department maintenance shop, located at the Support Services Center at 4120 New Bern Avenue.

What was the coverage on news and social media? TV crews arrived within, say, twenty minutes of the incident. They had web-posted the first images within another thirty minutes. Stories were posted by WRAL, WTVD, WNCN, and the News & Observer, among likely others. Didn't see any fire service news articles. On social media, saw minimal Twitter activity (just a handful) and but a pair of Facebook posts (within my circle). Otherwise quite quiet.

See more photos by Mike Legeros.

+ 1 - 2 | § Reader Mail Wake County Apparatus Updates

Let’s converse with a reader for an update on Wake County apparatus, with my remarks interspersed:


I was just thinking it might be time for an apparatus update for the county. Here's what I've been pondering.

Wake Forest - Should have a 2015 Rosenbauer pumper on the way if memory serves. That was in their annual report and was noted in an old apparatus update.

[ Correct! Hearing that their new engine is due in November or December. ]

Bay Leaf/Apex – Should have rescues coming in this year’s budget year. Don't know if they'll still be the Spartan ERV rescues, like Fairview, New Hope, and Swift Creek just received. Fuquay Varina - Should have a rescue on the way from Spartan ERV, but not sure on that either.

[ Yes, the new rescue from FVFD is expected late 2015 or early 2015, with similar features to the Fairview and New Hope Spartan ERV heavy rescues. Per blog comment on 3/12/15. Don't know either about AFD or BLFD rescues. ] 

Garner/New Hope/Stony Hill/Wendell - Pierce Impel Pumper/Tankers were on tap for FY15 for these departments. It's not FY16, so not sure if they're being built yet. Progress update needed for those.

[ If memory serves, they’re Pierce Impel, 1250/1000, with options including smaller/larger booster tank, jet dump discharge, and added foam system. Are they in production yet? Don’t think so, because I don’t see them on the Atlantic Emergency Services Trucks in Production page. Note that Cary and Raleigh have trucks in production as shown on that page. Engine and engine and tiller, respectively. ]

Garner also has a pumper tanker in FY16, so not sure what the progress is on that either. Garner's fleet will be very up to date with these two new pumpers. That would be six pumpers of 2007 or newer. Solid.

I don't think there are any tankers on order this year, but there are quite a few administrative vehicles coming in. I'm not sure what those will be.

[ Maybe readers will add details here. ]

Final question has more to do with stations. I know Wake Forest Station 4 is well on its way up and is looking good. However, Bay Leaf has had their Station 3 equipment housed at Station 1 and Station 2 for months now. I know that Wake County took over ownership of their Station 3 on Lynn Road and that station was identified as a closing station many years ago. Is BLFD going to continue operating from Station 3 or are they officially moving the equipment over to their other stations? And thus moving out of Station 3 in way of Wake County EMS moving in? This looks to me like a gradual closing effort, but not sure.

[ Wake Forest Station 4 is planned for completion at the end of October. As for Bay Leaf, they moved their equipment out of Station 3 due to facility renovations driven by the county. Mostly or maybe entirely interior work. Also, with the EMS airport station under construction, the station is housing additional EMS units. They’ve perhaps displayed some of the BLFD vehicles.

Ownership of the Lynn Road station was transferred to the county in 2012. To the best of my knowledge, Bay Leaf will continue to operate from there for the foreseeable future. Yes, BLFD Station 3 was one of a handful identified as candidates for closure. That happened some years ago. The Fire Commission and county staff, however, halted any movement in the direction of station closures. So that’s off the table these days. ]

Again, thanks as always for your insight and your blog. I think a posting would encourage some good info and responses and answer most of it. Thanks!!

[ Glad to help. Maybe readers can report on other new trucks, and outside of Wake County as well. ]


+ 1 - 0 | § Matchbox Mack CF Pumper

Coming soon to store shelves near you. Scale not known, but smaller than the classic Seagrave engine released in 2012. See prior post. Photo courtesy of the Lamley Group blog, posted their "first look" last week. They also have some comparison photos. Don't like the colors and lettering on the initial release? Don't worry, Matchbox will surely make a number of variations in the coming year(s).

The Lamley Group photo

+ 1 - 0 | § Epsom's New Rosenbauer Rescue Pumper

Last weekend, Lee Wilson photographed Epsom Fire Department's new Squad 55, a sweet 2015 International/Rosenbauer 1500/1250/30 rescue pumper. Delivered on May 5 and placed in service on June 25. Epsom FD is located on Highway 39 in Franklin County, next ot the Vance County line. See more photos from Lee.

Rosenbauer has beens making inroads into our region. Wake Forest has a custom engine arriving later this year. The newest Wake County tankers are Rosenbauer on Freightliner chassis. North Chatham received a pair of custom engines last year. Etcetera. Also, rescue pumpers seem to be a recent rage. We've seen them in Wake County with Apex, Holly Springs, and Raleigh, for starters. Who else is using them?

Lee Wilson photo

+ 1 - 2 | § Video of Vehicle Fire on Millbrook Road

For your evening enjoyment, here's about a minute of Raleigh Engine 16 arriving at a vehicle fire on Millbrook Road at Creedmoor Road earlier today. Parking lot of the shopping center. Watch for the exploding tire. Will have some still pictures later. See more Legeros video madness at That guy's obsessed with fire trucks!

View on YouTube

+ 1 - 0 | § Wake County Fire Commission Meeting - July 16, 2015

The next meeting of the Wake County Fire Commission is Thursday, July 16, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. The location is the Wake County EMS Training Facility, in the lower level of the Wake County Commons Building, 4011 Carya Drive. The documents for the meeting are linked below.



Agenda packet (PDF)

+ 2 - 0 | § Mass. Haz-Mat Trucks See New Life in Rural NC

A pair of former haz-mat trucks from Massachusetts were recently placed in service by Faison and Pilot fire departments, in Duplin and Franklin counties, respectively. The identical 1996 Freightliner/Hackney beer truck-style trucks were two of thirteen that served the state's Department of Fire Services. (We're told that six of these have been re-sold to rural or small town fire departments in North Carolina.)

The trucks originally saw service as haz-mat Operational Response Units, part of a larger fleet that also included similar haz-mat Technical Operations Mobile units as well as command post, communications, and rehab units. (Massachusetts has a similar program to North Carolina's haz-mat regional response teams.)

Visit this page for more information and photos about current and these retired units. See also this page for additional pictures.

Faison's Rescue 5 replaces a 1983 Chevrolet Kodiak/Coastal Manufacturing Industries (Washington, NC) beverage truck that delivered Pepsi products in a former life. It was refurbished by Coastal in 1998.

Pilot's Squad 75 replaces a 1991 GMC that was built by 3D Manufacturing in Wisconsin. It was made for Iredell County Rescue Squad. The truck's been sold to a towing company in Gettysburg, PA, that will transport air bag equipment for recovery of large trucks on the highway.

Pilot's new squad has been refurbished, with improvements including coffin compartments added on the roof, a rear access ladder, and upgraded warning lights above the cab. They also had the original cascade system removed. (Pilot's truck has only 20,000 miles and 1,000 hours on the motor.)

Lee Wilson photographed Pilot's truck last week. See more photos of Lee's. Visit the Faison Fire Department Facebook page for more pictures of their new truck.

Lee Wilson photo

Faison FD photo

+ 0 - 2 | § Incident Summary of Emerald Isle Deck Collapse on July 4, 2015

This week the Town of Emerald Isle issued the third and final press release regarding the July 4 deck collapse and multi-patient incident that sent twenty-four people to the hospital. View the press release (PDF, 7.6M). Thanks to Trey for alerting us on this!

We've parsed the document for incident details, which are presented below in summary and details.

For news coverage about the incident, see such stories from

Google for others.



Source is the communications timeline provided in the Town of Emerald Isle Press Release #3, published on July 7, 2015. View the press release (PDF, 7.6M).


Other sources:


Departments / Distance from Incident

Atlantic Beach FD & EMS - Sta 34
13.7 miles / 23 minutes

  • 34M1 (medic)

Broad & Gales Creek EMS - Sta 18
15.0 miles / 23 min

  • 18M1 (medic)

Broad & Gales Creek FD - Sta 13
15.0 miles / 23 min

  • Manpower standby at station

Emerald Isle EMS - Sta 67
3.2 miles / 7 min

  • 6701 (chief)
  • 6703 (chief)
  • 67M1 (medic)
  • 67M2 (medic)

Emerald Isle FD - Sta 45
Sta 1 - 3.1 miles / 6 min
Sta 2 - 1.1 miles / 3 min

  • 4501 (chief)
  • 4511
  • 4527
  • 45E1 (engine)
  • 45E2 (engine)
  • 45E42 (engine)
  • 45ST2 (?)

Indian Beach/Salter Path FD & EMS - Sta 42
5.0 miles - 8 min

  • 42E4 (engine)
  • 42M1 (medic)

Morehead City FD & EMS - Sta 24
Sta 1 - 16.1 miles / 27 min
Sta 2 - 17.1 miles / 28 min 
Sta 3 - 23 miles / 33 min

  • 24Med Bus (from Station 2)

Newport FD & EMS –Sta 43
Sta 1 - 20.7 miles / 30 min
Sta 2 - 22.2 miles / 33 min

  • 4309
  • Manpower standby at station

Pine Knoll Shores FD & EMS - Sta 64
8.8 miles / 14 min

  • 64L1 (ladder)
  • 64M1 (medic)

Western Carteret FD & EMS - Sta 12
7.7 miles / 15 min

  • 1201  (chief)
  • 1202  (chief)
  • 12C1 (chief)
  • 12M1 (medic)
  • 12M1 (medic)
  • 12M2 (medic)

Other - Carteret County EMS?

  • 702
  • 703
  • 703

CCEMS has three Paramedic QRVs stationed at Davis (east, mainland), Newport (west, mainland), and Pine Knoll Shores (west, island). See this map.


  • Carteret General Hospital
    17.1 miles / 28 min

Unit Totals


  • Emerald Isle 1 of 2 - 45E1
  • Emerald Isle 2 of 2 - 45E2
  • Emerald Isle 3 of 3 - 45E42
  • Indian Beach/Salter Path - 42E4


  • Pine Knoll Shores - 64L1


  • Emerald Isle - ST2

Chief Officers

  • Emerald Isle EMS - 6701
  • Emerald Isle EMS - 6703
  • Emerald Isle FD - 4501
  • Western Carteret - 1201
  • Western Carteret - 1202
  • Western Carteret - 12C1


  • Atlantic Beach - 34M1
  • Broad & Gales Creek - 18M1
  • Emerald Isle 1 of 2 - 67M1
  • Emerald Isle 2 of 2 - 67M2
  • Indian Beach/Salter Path - 42M1
  • Pine Knoll Shores - 64M1
  • Western Carteret 1 of 3 - 12M1
  • Western Carteret 2 of 3 - 12M2
  • Western Carteret 3 of 3 - 12M3

Ambulance Bus

  • Morehead City - 24Med Bus

    Lee Wilson photo

Air Ambulances

  • Vidant - Rocky Mount, redirected to Carteret General Hospital
  • Air Link - Holly Ridge
  • UNC Air Care - Fayetteville, Tar Heel 2

+ 0 - 0 | § Video Footage From 1995 - High-Level Rope Rescue

Let's go back to the Wayback Machine and watch some more historical footage from the Raleigh Fire Museum video archives. e.g., their YouTube channel. This time it's a rope rescue in downtown Raleigh.

On the afternoon on Wednesday, May 3, 1995, two men were repairing windows outside the seventh floor of the Wake County Public Safety Center. At about 2:15 p.m., one side of their motorized scaffolding failed and fell away. The two workers were left hanging in their safety harnesses. 

The Raleigh Fire Department and Wake County EMS responded to the scene. Crews went to the roof and a third-floor landing below the workers. As the conditions were assessed, a couple options presented themselves. Truck 11 was brought to the scene and its 105-foot aerial ladder extended. Still wasn't long enough and even after they attempted to add a ground ladder as an extension.

Rope rescue was the next option. The first worker was raised to the roof, as his safely line was evaluated as undamaged. He was rescued at 3:40 p.m. The second worker's rope looked less sound. He would be lowered to the third-floor landing and with the assistance of a rappelling firefighter.

Firefighter D. Michael Davidson performed the task. He had trained in high-level rope rescue as a member of Six Forks Rescue Squad. He descended to the seventh-floor location, attached the worker's harness to his, and both were lowered to the landing at 3:49 p.m. (As a precaution, a giant air mattress had been inflated below them.)

Neither worker was injured. The dozens of spectators cheered. And the whole thing was broadcast live on WTVD. They later supplied copies of the raw footage to the fire department. The Raleigh Fire Museum has created a thirty-minute compilation, from the two cameras that were filming that day.

View on YouTube

+ 0 - 0 | § Carrboro's New Fire Chief... and Connections to Raleigh

Morning update. This News & Observer story adds additional biographical information. We've updated our story below.

As this Herald-Sun story reported today, Carrboro's new Fire Chief has been announced. Susanna Williams starts on August 3. She's currently the Division Chief of Training for Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services. Before taking that position in 2012, she was the Volunteer Program Coordinator for New Hanover County Fire Rescue from 2010 to 2012.

Chief Williams holds two bachelor's degrees and a master's in public administration. She's a graduate of the Fire Service Executive Development Institute and is enrolled in the Executive Fire Officer program at the National Fire Academy.

From 2003 to 2009, she worked for the Chapel Hill Fire Department, as a Master Firefighter and Administrative Captain. She's also fought fire with Oak Island, Burlington, and Graham fire departments. Prior to her fire service career, she was an Educator. She her impressive resume.

Chief Williams will oversee a career department with two fire stations and thirty-seven employees. Her position was previously held by Interim Fire Chief Rusty Styons, who retired from Raleigh as Assistant Chief of Operations in 2012. He's held the interim position since February 2015.

The Carrboro Fire Department was previously led by another former member of the Raleigh Fire Department. Carrboro Fire Chief Travis Crabtree, a former Fire Protection Engineer in Raleigh, served from March 2006 to January 2015.

His Deputy Fire Chief from December 2006 to May 2010 was William "Trey" Mayo, a former Captain in the Raleigh Fire Mayo. He left to take the top slot in Rocky Mount, and again in Winston-Salem in November of last year.

Now for the trivia question. What other retired Raleigh Assistant Chief from Raleigh has served as Interim Fire Chief in our area? Answer is R. Lee Matthews, who led the Cary Fire Department from January to May, 1967. He retired from Raleigh in 1963 with over thirty-six years of service.

As this prior blog post notes, the Raleigh/Cary connection doesn't end there. Read more about other future and former Raleigh firefighters who were or became Fire Chiefs or Assistant Chiefs in Cary.

Everybody's connected to everybody, aren't they? (And we could make a heck of a "family tree" across all departments around here...) Meanwhile, congratulations to Chief Williams. Looking forward to meeting, greeting, and maybe seeing on scene.



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