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1943, framers organize volunteer forest firefighting service.  Two-dozen farmers meet and elect community leaders.  Appointment of a forest warden for the township is also urged.  Buckhorn and White Oak townships are invited to join in setting up an organization to protect the three communities, which annually have been hit hard by fires (February 1943) no14feb43


1971, Holly Springs Rural Fire Department formed (July 21, 1971) sos

1971, first fire station is two-bay building at 1140 Avent Ferry Rd. oh

1971, first fire apparatus:

  • 1953 GMC tanker
  • 1955 International tanker
Later apparatus includes:
  • 1974 Ford / Bean pumper
  • military surplus tanker
  • military surplus brush truck

Late 1970's, pit building added behind fire station to hold pigs for fundraising barbecuesoh


1985-86, apparatus delivery: 1985-86 Chevy / FMC tanker, 1250 gallonsoh

1986, apparatus delivery:  1986 FMC pumper-tanker, a demonstrator model purchased with funds donated by Carolina Power and Light for first-in fire protection at the Harris Plant, after the 1974 pumper's pump failed at a house fire and the fire department was using an FMC pumper-tanker lent by Fuquay at the time CP&L inquired about fire protection oh

1987-88, rest of fire station added, including additional apparatus spaceoh

1989, Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant suffers fire.  After nuclear reactor automatically shuts down at 11:06 p.m., workers spot two fires.  One involves the transformer and is extinguished largely by sprinkler system.  Second fire involves the generator in the turbine building.  Plant's five-member fire brigade is assisted by Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina fire departments.  Plant officials confirm fire is out and associated hydrogen leak is contained at 2:43 p.m. (October 10, 1989) rt10oct89, no11oct89


1990, apparatus deliveries:

  • 1977 Ford / Howe tanker
  • brush truck built on 1990 Dodge chassis donated by Mr. Henry Collins oh

1995, municipal fire department formed.  Named Holly Springs Fire Service Division, part of Holly Springs Department of Public Safety (April 1, 1995) oh

1995, temporary fire station at Omaha Meat Company at corner of Thomasmill Road and Irving Parkway (April 1, 1995) oh

1995, first fire apparatus includes

  • 1970's Chevy / Bean pumper purchased from Wendell Fire Department.  Later sold to Surf City Fire Department
  • 1990's International tanker, later sold to Northwest Harnett County Fire Department (April 1, 1995) oh

1995, first fire station completed at 127 N. Main Street (September 1995) oh

1995, apparatus delivery: 1995 Pierce pumper originally ordered by rural department, but purchased by municipal departmentoh

1997, apparatus constructed: municipal fire department builds aerial apparatus from 1980's Kodiak 55' bucket truck donated by Carolina Power and Light. Apparatus is utilized as master stream at one fire before behind sold to Swepsonville Fire Department (July 1997)oh

1997, municipal and rural fire departments merge.  Rural station is designated Station #1, municipal station is designated Station #2 (August-September 1997)oh

1998, fire department begins EMS service. (April 1, 1998) oh

1998, apparatus delivery: 17-foot Shore Line rescue boat donated by Wake County Sheriff's Department and modified by firefighters to include canopy, crane, portable pump with 2" discharge with 1 1/2" gate, and stokes basket bracketoh

1999, pit building behind Station #1 remodeled into training facility oh


2000-2001, ambulance involved in accident. Former Fuquay-Varina EMS Ford F-350 ambulance utilized as frontline unit until Holly Springs vehicle returns from shop oh

2002, fire department assists Knightdale Public Safety's newly created Fire Division.  Also donates hose, turnout gear, and other equipment (summer 2002) oh

2002, apparatus deliveries:  1996 Ford L8000 chassis with Salisbury rescue body.  Replaces 1972 Ford 800 chassis. (September 2002) oh


See Wake County apparatus register.


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  • sos NC Department of the Secretary of State

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