Holiday Island Fire Brigade – 1984

Found another obscure fire department. Or, in this case, fire brigade, as this Perquimans Weekly story said on August 30, 1984. 

Protected Holiday Island, near Hertford, with some 250 residential structures and 106 families as permanent residents.

The island was located four miles outside the district of the nearest fire department, Bethel VFD. And the community had been expressing interest in their own fire protection for a few years.

The new brigade consisted of twelve volunteers and a one-ton 1979 Chevrolet pick-up with a skid-mounted pump and tank, with 150 feet of 1 1/2-inch hose, and 200 feet of booster line. 

Click to enlarge this clipping, found via Digital North Carolina Newspapers:

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  1. The building sits at the corner of Holiday Ln and Leisure Rd. A pole mounted siren is still there. Not sure if they are still active or not but I don’t think so.

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