Raleigh Fire Department Facility Project Updates

Let’s start a new, recurring feature. Raleigh Fire Department facility updates. The city is upgrading and expanding numerous fire facilities, and it’s long overdue. Fire stations are being replaced with much larger and more modern facilities, either on the same site (Station 6) or near their current stations (Station 12, 14, 22). Others are being renovated with “down to the walls” projects. There’s also the first “infill” station on the books, Station 30 off Wake Forest Road on Ronald Drive. Here are the assorted statuses. Will update again in three/four/five/six months.

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Facility Project Type Project Location Project Notes
Sta 1 Replace Convention Center area Programming complete. Site selection still underway, in area of Convention Center. Funding for multi-year project started in FY18. Combination Station 1 and relocated Headquarters.
Sta 2 Renovate 263 Pecan Road Construction underway. Completion expected in fall. Included renovation of adjoining former shop building. See photos. Read blog.
Sta 3 Replace Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. & Rock Quarry Rd. area Land acquisition underway, on state property near corrections center. Construction funds to be requested in FY19. 
Sta 6 Rebuild 2601 Fairview Road Demolition completed. Site preparation starting. 14 month construction time. See photos. Read blog.
Sta 11 Renovate 2925 Glenridge Road Project re-started, after reduction in scope. Primary focus is expansion of apparatus bay, to accommodate 100-foot ladder truck. Plus complete renovation. Design work starts in August.
Sta 12 Relocate 807 Bus Way Construction underway. Completion expected in late winter. See photos. Read blog.
Sta 14 Relocate Harden Road & Nancy Ann Drive Existing structures to be abated/demolished in August. Building plan permitting in September. Bid estimate in October. Read blog.
Sta 15 Renovate 1815 Spring Forest Road Sprinkler system recently added. Complete renovation starts in 2018, with FY18 funding.[1] See photos.
Sta 22 Relocate 10050 Durant Road New project, on fast-track. Replacement site chosen, city property. Design work starting this month. Construction starting in fall 2018. Read blog.
Sta 23 Relocate Pinecrest Road & Westgate Road area Land acquisition funding to be requested in FY19. Will house E23, L9, at Battalion Chief.[2]
Sta 30 New 1514 Ronald Drive Land acquired. Construction funds to be requested in FY19. This will be an “infill” station.
Services Renovate 4120 New Bern Avenue Mechanical system enhancements to garage bays and supply store started this month.

[1] Station 15  is the third in a series of planned renovations, which completely renovate the structures. First was Station 5 (see photos, read blog), which completed in the fall of 2016. Though programmed as two per year, it’s playing out as one per fiscal year, due to cost. (Excludes Station 11, which will also be a full renovation, plus bay expansion.)

[2] Station 23 is a new-ish project. It’s part of the RFD five-year strategic plan, published in 2015: http://raleighfirenews.org/pdf/strategic-plan-2015.pdf


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