Illustrated History of the North Carolina State Firefighters' Association - 1887 to 2021

Last updated September 30, 2022

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Published by the North Carolina State Firefighters' Association in 2022

Researched, written, and designed by Mike Legeros

The Illustrated History of the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association – 1887 to 2021 features the following:

  • 10,000-word, 28-page text history of the NCSFA
  • Decade-by-decade, 32-page visual history of both the NCSFA and the state fire service
  • Portraits of past presidents, and other past and present officers
  • Portraits of current officers, board, and staff members
  • Montage of motor apparatus over the decades
  • Montage of patches of former fire departments
  • Introduction by Executive Director Tim Bradley
  • Remarks and reflections by current and past presidents, current officers and staff, and past staff members
  • List of NCSFA award winners, both Firefighter of the Year and Medal of Honor
  • List of fallen firefighters in North Carolina.

The book was unveiled at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo (SAFRE) in August 2022. One copy of each book will distributed to each NCSFA member department by mail, following the conference. After the distribution to member departments, availability will be announced for individual copies. Visit this web page to learn about availability. Also a free digital version is available for download, see below.

Download book (PDF) with printing disabled.

View supplement (PDF) for annotations, corrections, and more information on sources.


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