Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting

By Michael J. Legeros

ISBN 0738515124 - Arcadia Publishing - 2003 - Softcover
128 pages - 6.5 x 9.25 inches - 235 black-and-white photographs

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This book would not have been possible nor even worth attempting without the generous assistance of several individuals: Steve Massengill and Alan Westmoreland at the North Carolina State Archives; Gary Knight and Buddy Scarboro; fire photographer Lee Wilson, who shared both his rabid interest and enormous catalog of pictures, Dale Johnson, a former Raleigh-Durham Airport, Durham Highway, and Yrac firefighter, who answered a ton of questions; Laura New, my patient editor at Arcadia Publishing; and Julie Gresens, my sweetheart and personal fact-checker, copy editor, and all-around motivator. The author also thanks the legion of fire chiefs, firefighters, former firefighters, retired firefighters, fire photographers, news photographers, newspaper editors, librarians, historians, archivists, administrative staff, friends, family members, and other contributors, whose support was absolutely invaluable. Thank you all.