Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting

By Michael J. Legeros

ISBN 0738515124 - Arcadia Publishing - 2003 - Softcover
128 pages - 6.5 x 9.25 inches - 235 black-and-white photographs

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Chapter 2 - Town of Cary

Rescue Truck, 1955. This Civil Defense emergency unit was presented at the third annual Fireman's Day on May 7, 1955. Built by firefighters from an ex-military mobile machine shop, the emergency rescue truck was equipped with $8,000 worth of new equipment including a 5,000-watt portable generator, a two-way radio, a resuscitator, and a portable oxygen-acetylene cutting torch. (CFD.)

Newly Elected, 1956. In addition to Fireman's Day, the fire department also held annual elections in May. Those who took office on June 1, 1956 were (from left to right) Jack Winstead, incoming secretary-treasurer; Robert B. "Bob" Heater, incoming chief; and Billy Henderson, incoming assistant chief. (Raleigh Times photograph.)

Firefighters, 1964. Shown from left to right are (front row) William E. "Ed" Dorsey, R.J. Bell, Fire Chief Calvin F. Beck, O. Jack Winstead, and William H. "Bill" Stevenson Jr.; (back row) Willis E. "Billy" Henderson, Ralph D. McLamb, Robert B. "Bob" Heater, Carlton R. Ruth, Harold W. Blackley, and Robert V. "Bobby" Godbold. Appointed in 1963 Chief Beck was the town's first fully paid fire chief. (CFD.)

Master Stream, February 16, 1994. Engine 3 is pictured battling a blaze at a house under construction on Headlands Lane in the Lochmere subdivision. Construction workers and passers-by stamped out embers in the adjoining woods to keep the fire from spreading until the firefighters arrived. The house, which had not been sold, had 3,473 square feet and a price tag of $289,900. What a bargain. (Lee Wilson photograph.)

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