Raleigh and Wake County Firefighting

By Michael J. Legeros

ISBN 0738515124 - Arcadia Publishing - 2003 - Softcover
128 pages - 6.5 x 9.25 inches - 235 black-and-white photographs

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Chapter 1 - City of Raleigh

Fire Department Headquarters, 1900.  Located at 112 W. Morgan Street, this building first housed the Capital Hose and Hook and Ladder companies. Built in 1896, it also housed the fire department alarm system. (RFD.)

Chief C.D. Farmer and Firefighters, 1916. By the time of this group photograph at Station 1, Raleigh's fully motorized fire department operated three hose companies and one truck company. In February of that year, an American LaFrance Type 17 aerial ladder, registration number 1047, was delivered. The fire chief was Charles D. Farmer, appointed in 1914 after Chief Brockwell accepted the newly created position of state fire marshal. (RFD.)

Group Photograph, 1956. Pictured in front of "Central Station." from left to right, are John W. "Johnny" Holmes, James R. "Red" House, Jack "Snooks" Allen, Charles A. Lloyd, Clarence R. Puryear, Webster B. Lloyd, Willis Kirk, Boaz A. "Bozo" Edwards, Edsell S. Thornton, Calvin R. Boseman, Lewis V. Choplin, Bobby G. Bunn, William J. Pierce, Ray A. Boseman, Melvin D. Williams, Harold D. Jones, Zeb V. Burchette, and James P. "Jimmy" Blake.(RFD.)

Mack Pumper. Raleigh's first Mack fire engine was this Type 85, 750-GPM pumper, chassis number 85LS1441, delivered in 1950. From left to right in this undated photograph are M.T. "Ace" Parker (wearing cap), two factory men, Pat Murphy, and Chief Alvin B. Lloyd. (RFD.)

Truck One En Route. Shown responding to a fire call in this undated photograph, Raleigh's "downtown ladder" was an American LaFrance 700 Series, 100-foot aerial ladder. Delivered in 1958, the "front end" was replaced with a Mack Model MC tractor in 1980. The apparatus was removed from service in 1999, sold at auction, and eventually purchased by the Wendell Fire Department. (RFD.)

Fire Companies, August 1987. Pictured on the apron of Station 5 at 303 Oberlin Road are the personnel and equipment of, from left to right, Engine 6, Rescue 6, Engine 5, and Truck 5. District Chief Hubert Y. Altman stands in front of Car 53. (Courtesy of Hubert Altman.)

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