Sara - Is a scientist that I've known since 1994. She's my age, minus a couple. We met in Raleigh, in the Nineties, when she first attended two-step lessons at the Longbranch. At that time, Sara was a PhD candidate in biochemistry at Duke. (Cells and stuff.) She's since graduated, been Doctored, and now works in Seattle as a "postdoc." (Sorta like a science apprenticeship.) As the years passed-- including my dating of one of her lab mates-- Sara and I became fast friends. We'd dance when we could or catch the occasional movie, during which she'd invariably talk and loudly enough to causing cringing in Yours Uptight. (She also had and may still have an odd tendency of getting grease in her lap when eating popcorn with extra "butter.") Laughter has always been our stock-in-trade; everything's hilarious to us, especially the stuff that is already funny. Our social circles also overlapped, friendship forming between myself and her roomy (who I visited in Connecticut last October) and Sara getting to know whomever I was significantly other-ing at the time. She helped me move into my house, was/is a fabulous (and fast!) dance partner, and is the person responsible for introducing me to Satisfaction in Durham, the place with the best damn pizza in the Triangle. Sara is 30, my height, and half my weight. Her hair is blonde, her eyes are some color, and her hobbies including working out at the gym and keeping her 1999 Trans Am as pristine as possible.

Cousin Chris - A Seattle television news reporter and the oldest of my dad's older brother George. Hence, my cousin's early air name-- Chris George-- when weekend anchoring many years ago in Iowa. We hadn't seen each other in years, except for a few fleeting minutes at Grammie's funeral in 1996. (See: fof/obit-grammie.shtml) Sara and I stayed for over an hour, maybe two, talking and laughing and later meeting two-thirds of his family, when they returned from errands. (Plus driving lessons for the oldest daughter!) Grammie and 'Poulli stories were passed around. We also compared notes on the art of sending photo Christmas cards, a tradition he started years before I did. In fact, one of his earliest-- "Merry Christmas from Chris and Fritz"-- was my chief inspiration! (The photo was of him and Walter Mondale on a soundstage.) Cousins are great.

Thing We Didn't Get To See In Seattle, But Wanted To - Pike Place, The San Juan Islands, Vancouver, Victoria B.C., the Experience Music Project (the lines were huge), the Underground Walking Tour (Mike only; Sara has already been), the Space Needle restaurant, the aquarium, more of the Pacific Science Center, a more-interesting IMAX film (Mike only), Microsoft, Seafair (or Sea Fair, whichever), a reported country music club in Tacoma, a cool railroad viaduct in Spokane (Mike only), and as many other fire stations in Seattle as possible. (We stopped at only three, if you can believe it.) Now, as for those places that we did see, watch this space for the Mike and Sara Seattle-Area Travel Guide. Coming soon to Legeros Dot Com.

Beginning To Stink - This was the first time in years that I'd stayed with someone for an entire week and without a car, bed, or anything interesting within walking distance. And, like the proverbial dead fish, I began to stink after a couple days. Though we're temperamentally chummy as Hell, we "differed" on sleep times and activity levels. (Sara is neither hyperactive nor only six sleep hours-requiring.) Plus, we're both control freaks, which added another interesting subtext to the proceedings. Next time I'll consider renting a car. Or even staying at a hotel room. Or, maybe not. Given the choice between more or less hip-joining with a favorite friend, I'd probably choose the latter. After all, there are worse things than living out of a suitcase. Or riding in the passenger's seat. And it is an awfully long time between get-togethers spent remembering (and missing) her company.

One Adventure Not Chronicled - Losing my Port of Seattle Fire Department ball cap on I-5, just north of downtown. I was attempting to take a picture of the skyline. Sara exited immediately and parked near the bottom of the ramp. I hoofed the half-mile back, noting the increasing absurdity of my actions while walking on a three foot-wide shoulder into oncoming (and exceptionally fast-moving) traffic. (This was Sunday afternoon.) I also brought my camera. (Hey, I was there.) Miraculously, the hat wasn't even touched. And I got to have a perilously exciting adventure and maybe even some good skyline shots as well.

Blood Simple - Screened as a recently released director's cut, the film is more darkly photographed than I remember. (Later Get Shorty helmer Barry Sonnenfeld started as a lenser.) The acting seems more subdued, too. Almost wooden, I'd say. Still, the first film from sibling filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen (Fargo) is a stunning example of show-off craftsmanship that beats most indy features ten to one. I believe they restored some footage, as well. I couldn't spot any. They've also added a droll, faux, old-white-guy-with-pipe-and-easy-chair introductory sequence that's hilarious. Don't miss it.

Answers To Questions - No, I really don't like seafood. Have never felt inclined to try it. No, I didn't go swimming at Snoqualmie Falls. Deferred to the person most likely to kick my ass if her leather car seats got wet. Yes, I really did fall asleep at an IMAX movie. What can I say? I was bored and it gave me something to do. And, as for the reason that I chose to drive back from Seattle? I didn't want to fly for seven hours.

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