Future Floyd Headlines

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By Michael J. Legeros

With a nod to the Andy Griffith Show, these were written the day
before...  Who knew?

  o "Hair Spray!"

  o "Shear Force!"

  o "A Close Shave!"

  o "A Cut Above Dennis!"

  o "A Cut Above Andrew!"

  o "Combers Flee Floyd!"

  o "A brush with Floyd!"

  o "The Barber of Sea-ville"

  o "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!"

  o "Floyd Trims The Carolinas!"

  o "Floyd Rinses The Carolinas!"

  o "What's Next, Hurricane Goober?"

  o "Rain and Wind Damage, Two Bits"

  o "Floyd May Bury North Carolina!"

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros


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