What Men Want

Notes From The Single Life

By Michael J. Legeros

In response to Carol Collier's column last week, in which she reprinted responses from female friends on the subject of "what women want," I sent e-mail to a double dozen of my unmarried male acquaintances, asking what they wanted-- or, for the time being, had found-- in a woman. Each responded promptly, but with only a handful of comments. (Maybe in person they would've gabbed to a greater extent.) Here, then, are the responses-- just a quick glimpse, really, into the mind of the Other Sex:

"What do I want? Big hooters! Just kidding, but a trim frame is nice." - B.B.

"Does she have an ear for music? Can she sing, dance or play an instrument?" - Mike

"Natural beauty. The fewer make-up cases the better." - Tim

"Someone who still eats red meat." - Ryan

"Laugher. About herself, us guys, and all those moons orbiting Mars and Venus." - Jim

"A woman who is comfortable in the kitchen. I'll do the cooking but I could use some help with the dishes. Who the hell wants to eat out all the time?" - Hank

"The sadder but wiser girl's the girl for me." - Chris

"Someone with a life, with her own hobbies and her own circle of friends. If she's too available, I'm not interested." - John

"Smarts. Can she change her oil, install a modem or assemble an entertainment center?" - Paul

"Someone who doesn't need help killing a cockroach." - Steve

"A healthy appetite for sex." - Bill

"She reads the newspaper. Front page through the sports section." - Tony

"Willingness to talk about what's bugging her and not just when she has me cornered at 2 a.m. and about to fall asleep." - Rob

"Self-confidence. She's comfortable with who she is and how she looks." - Paul

"She's my best friend." - Reg

"Wanted: woman with bass boat. Send picture of boat." - Thomas

A version of this essay appeared in the February 25-March 3, 1998 issue of the "Independent Weekly."


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