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Separated at Prom?

Normal, IL - 1979 Morehead City, NC - 1983
So I have a new girlfriend. Julie. Been dating two months, so we still reek of endorphins. (You know the drill: every waking moment together, promising Heaven and Earth, ignoring even our best-est of friends, etc.) About a month ago, I pulled out the scrapbooks and all the accompanying (and hopefully amusing) photos of Yours Hammy in high school and college and graduating from the Fire Academy. (Big, big smile at that last one.) Plus a prom photo, tucked inside something called a "Senior Memory Book," a cute piece of mass-marketed junk that Julie, it, like, so happens, possessed an identical version of. (This despite her having graduated in Illinois instead of N.C.-- towns of Normal and Morehead City, respectively-- and four years earlier.) So Julie sees my prom pic and screams. "Oh my [Gosh!] You look just like my prom date!" And, sure enough, I do...  rest of story
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