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Hillsway Guide Book - 19??

George Legeros

GEORGE and his brothers run the old reliable Rainbow Cafe at 29th and Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis that was started by their late father back in the early twenties.  My brother swore by the Rainbow and ate there nearly every day of his life as he lived near Hennepin and Lake.  He had his office not too far away on Dean Boulevard just back of the Calhoun Beach Hotel which has just been renovated and turned into a plush Athletic Club.  The Rainbow is open for breakfasts and into the late night for the after-the-theatre goers.  The Legeros family has prospered greatly and has been generous to a fault to the arts in Minneapolis and also to the Greek St. Mary's church on the banks of Lake Calhoun.  I understand they have done much to alleviate poverty in their native country of Greece also.  George sends along the following recipe for Lamb Stew as the Greeks prepare it.  Oh, almost forgot, the Rainbow has just recently gotten a liquor license and so its lounge is now more popular than ever.  You see, for years and years, liquor was not allowed above Sixth Street in downtown Minneapolis.   Of course, the Rainbow Cafe has been in all the Hillsway Guide Books.

Rainbow Lamb Stew

3 lbs. lamb, neck or shank
1 No. 2 can whole string beans
1 cup canned tomatoes
1 cup water or chicken or beef broth
1 tbls. chopped onion
1/2 tsp. oregano
1/8 tsp. chopped garlic
Salt, pepper, and paprika

Cut lamb into 1/2 lb. pieces.  Salt and pepper and roll in flour.  Place the floured pieces in a roasting pan and sprinkle with paprika.  Pour tomatoes over lamb, add the water (or broth) and sprinkle with the onion, garlic and oregano.  Bake uncovered in 325 degree oven until brown, about 1 and 1 1/2 hours, turning continually.   Remove the lamb pieces and place in a sauce pan.  Add the broth from a can of string beans to drippings in roasting pan.  Put roasting pan on stove and bring to boil. Add drained string beans to lamb.  Strain sauce in roasting pan and pour over lamb.  Simmer until done, about 25 minutes.  Serves six.


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