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Old Avent Ferry Road

Photographed March 23, 2004

1948, 1953 street maps

Beside 715 Nazareth Street

History: The northern end of Avent Ferry Road was moved to its present location between 1950 and 1980.  Previously, it weaved through Nazareth just north of the Catholic Orphanage and intersected Western Boulevard just west of Ashe Avenue. March 2004.

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Bilyeu Street

Photographed March 23, 2004

1953 street map 

Parallel to old Avent Ferry Road

History: The southern end of Bilyeu Street was closed prior to 1983 and is presently a wooded trail. March 2004.

Boylan Avenue Bridge

Top photo Elizabeth Reid Murray

200 block of Boylan Avenue

Closed in 1978. Demolished later. 

Boylan Heights Railroad Tracks
Photographed March 21, 2004

200 block of Boylan Avenue

History:  Sanborn Insurance Map dated 1914 shows Southern and Seaboard Airline Railroad tracks intersecting the main line of the original Norfolk-Southern Railway. March 2004.

Boylan Heights Viaduct

Photographed March 21, 2004

History:  Sanborn Insurance Map dated 1914 shows steel trestle on at location used by Norfolk-Southern Railroad (Raleigh-Charlotte branch). Unknown if rebuilt in subsequent decades. March 2004.

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Crabtree Creek Bridge, Abandoned

Photographed November 2, 2014.

Abandoned wooden bridge over Crabtree Creek, just south of intersection of Glenwood Avenue and Morehead Drive.

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Fayetteville Road Bridge

Photographed March 25, 2004 

1928, 1943, 1953 street maps

1800 block of Fayetteville Road

History:  The creek bridge and the last hundred feet of Fayetteville Road were removed in the 1950s. March 2004.

Lassiter Mill Bridge

Photographed March 21, 2004

"Lassiters Mill. Flour, Meal and Feed, Raleigh, N.C.", Durwood Barbour Collection of North Carolina Postcards (P077), North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill

Preservation North Carolina Historic Architecture Slide Collection, 1965-2005 - Photo from 1970

1953 street map

History: Replacing an earlier wooden bridge, this 110-foot long, 15-foot wide, 20-foot tall steel truss bridge spanned Crabtreek Creek just west of Lassiter's Mill from the 1920s until 1984.  Originally spanning the Neuse River north of Raleigh, a piece of the bridge (pictured) is located at the old mill site. March 2004.

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Martin Street Bridge

Goodnight Raleigh photo

Raleigh 1948 street map

Dead end of Martin Street.

Morgan Street Bridge

News & Observer photo

Sanborn Insurance Map

Mountford Avenue Bridge

Photographed March 21, 2004

North Blount Street

Photographed July 1, 2016

Old Railroad Car

Photographed July 1, 2016

Behind 2301 Laurelbrook

Railroad Street

Photographed July 1, 2016

Sanborn Map, 1950

100 block of Peace Street

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Railroad Trestle

Photographed March 21, 2004
sanborn-hargett-trestle.jpg (41080 bytes)

500 block of West Hargett Street

History:  Sanborn Insurance Map dated 1914 shows a wooden trestle at Johnson & Johnson Co. coal yard with the notation "coal pockets under trestle." March 2004.

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Railroad Turntable

Photographed March 21, 2004

Sanborn  Map, 1914

200 block of West Johnston Street

History: Sanborn Insurance Map dated 1909 (right) shows the still-operational turntable as part of the Seaboard Air Lines Railroad shops.  The accompanying crescent-shaped roundhouse was demolished in 1968. March 2004.

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Railroad Yards
ncdot-csx.jpg (102101 bytes)
Photographed March 28, 2004

Between Seward Street and Capital Boulevard

Reedy Creek Road

Photographed March 25, 2004
1953 street map, 2016 aerial photo

History:  Reedy Creek road originally connected Faircloth Road on the west side of Meredith College with Blue Ridge at the present site of the Art Museum.  Sections of the road are still visible along the Beltline, behind the NCSU faculty club, in the woods along Wade Avenue, and behind old Camp Polk. March 2004.

Trolley Stop

Photographed March 22, 2004

Glenwood Avenue at Harvey Street

History:  This stone shelter was constructed by the Raleigh Electric Company, the second company to operate electric streetcars in the Capital City.  The Raleigh Street Railway Company began scheduled runs on September 1, 1891. It was reorganized in 1894 as the Raleigh Electric Company and later incorporated into Carolina Power & Light Company.  By 1915, the system had 12 miles of track. The last electric trolley ceased operation in 1932. More information. March 2004.

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Tunnel Under Wade Avenue

Photographed March 21, 2004

Meredith College

Notes:  This tunnel connects the campus with a handful of other buildings on the other side of Wade Avenue including the President's residence. March 2004.


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