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Day of the Fabulous Fire Horse

By Thad Stem Jr.

...What was it like? Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen. It was a flash of lightning and the sound of fiery hooves that would make the Lone Ranger and Silver resemble Darling Nelly Gray on a merry-go-round. It was two full-chested studs, straight from the hallowed foal at Camelot, immortalizing grubby paving stones with magic anvils called shoes, and making Batman Robin resemble two spavined grasshoppers. For, i was the fire wagon thundering down Elm Street, drawn by two such heaven-born princes as Traeller and Little Sorrel, and from the way the townspeople were all galvanized into one big volatile goose-pimple, that old fire alarm bell might just as well have been tolling the last great judgment day in naked human drama...

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