North Carolina Deadliest Disasters Database

Last updated December 28, 2014

This page is a catalog of all multi-patient incidents and disasters EXCLUDING structural fires and explosions in North Carolina with FIVE or more fatalities. Contact Mike Legeros to contribute or correct information.

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Location County Incident Date Year Deaths Notes
Hendersonville Henderson Air, Civil Jul. 19 1967 82 Piedmont Flight 22. Boeing 727 vs. Cessna 310 at 6,132 feet. 12:01 p.m. Source: NTSB; web site.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Air, Civil Sept. 11 1974 72 Eastern Flight 212. DC-9 on final approach to airport. One death 29 days later. 10 survivors. 7:34 a.m. Source: NTSB; wiki.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Air, Civil Jul. 2 1994 37 USAir Flight 1016. DC-9 in residential area after missed approach. Plane encountered wind shear during adverse weather. 20 survivors. 6:43 p.m. Source: NTSB; wiki.
Bolivia Brunswick Air, Civil Jan. 6 1960 34 National Flight 2511. DC-6 caused by detonation of dynamite within passenger cabin. 2:38 a.m. Source: Various; wiki.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Air, Civil Jan. 8 2003 21 US Airways Express Light 5481. Commuter jet into hangar during takeoff. 8:47 a.m. Source: NTSB; wiki.
Morrisville Wake Air, Civil Dec. 13 1994 15 American Eagle. Commuter plane on approach to RDU at night. Crashed about four miles short of runway. Five survivors. Source: NTSB.
Cary Wake Air, Civil Feb. 19 1988 12 American Eagle. Commuter plane during takeoff at RDU at night. Source: NTSB. Source: USA.
Chapel Hill Orange Air, Civil Feb. 7 1981 7 Cessna 340A. Collided with trees on final approach. Source: NTSB.
Cherry Point MCAS Craven Air, Civil /
Air, Military
Jan. 9 1983 7 Beech D55 vs. McDonnell Douglas F4C about 30 miles south of Cherry Point. Two uninjured. Source: NTSB.
Tobaccoville Forsyth Air, Civil Jan. 20 1968 6 Piper PA-31. Source: NTSB.
Old Fort McDowell Air, Civil Jul. 2 1971 6 Beech S35. Crashed in adverse weather. Source: NTSB.
Greensboro Guilford Air, Civil Apr. 13 1973 6 Cessna 402A. Crashed after take-off. Source: NTSB.
Greenville Pitt Air, Civil May 15 1992 6 Piper PA-32-260. Crashed into wooden terrain shortly after take-off. Source: NTSB.
? Mecklenburg Air, Civil Jun. 3 1963 5 Source: GNA
Shelby Cleveland Air, Civil Dec. 3 1964 5 Cessna 172. Source: NTSB.
RDU Wake Air, Civil Feb. 21 1964 5 Source: CFR history
Raleigh Wake Air, Civil Feb. 25 1965 5 Cessna 1982. Crashed in Crabtree Lake at Umstead Park after running out of fuel on approach to airport. All victims drowned with minor or no injuries. Source: NTSB.
Bolivia Brunswick Air, Civil Jun. 18 1965 5 Beechcraft 35C. Source: NTSB.
Trenton Jones Air, Civil Jun. 30 1967 5 Beech 95. Crashed after engine failure. Source: NTSB.
Morrisville Wake Air, Civil Apr. 2 1970 5 Cessna 401A. Crashed into trees on approach to airport. Source: NTSB.
Burnsville Alamance Air, Civil Dec. 4 1971 5 Piper PA-23. Source: NTSB.
Lenoir Caldwell Air, Civil Nov. 26 1973 5 Mooney M20C. Source: NTSB.
Bryson City Swain Air, Civil Aug. 9 1977 5 Cessna 172K. Crashed after take-off. Source: NTSB.
Sanford Lee Air, Civil Sept. 8 1977 5 Learjet 25B. Fire or explosion in flight after take-off. Source: NTSB.
Kitty Hawk Dare Air, Civil Jul. 4 1979 5 Cessna 172. Crashed in adverse weather. Source: NTSB.
Cherry Point MCAS Craven Air, Civil Jan. 9 1983 5 Source: NTSB.
Banner Elk Avery Air, Civil Nov. 5 1983 5 Cessna T210M. Crashed 1/2 mile after take-off. Source: NTSB.
Flat Rock Henderson Air, Civil Aug. 23 1985 5 Piper PA-31T. Source: NTSB.
Manteo Dare Air, Civil Sept. 30 1987 5 Beech 95-B55. Crashed into ocean while flying adjacent to shore. Source: NTSB.
Indian Trail Union Air, Civil May 25 1998 5 Bell 206L-3 helicopter. Crashed into wires in foggy conditions. Source: NTSB.
Mount Airy Surry Air, Civil Mar. 1 2003 5 Beech BE-36A. Crashed shortly after take-off. Source: NTSB.
Laurinburg-Maxton AAB Robeson Air, Military Sept. 20 1943 25 One of state's deadliest military aircraft accident happened the morning of Sept. 20, 1943, at Laurinburg-Maxton Army Air Base, two miles from Maxton. On a run to shuttle passengers, cargo, and official mail daily between "Pope Field" and Stout Field in Indianapolis, reported the News & Observer (9/20, 9/23), an Army transport crashed after take off. The plane burst into flames in woods near the end of the runway, and all 25 aboard were killed. It was also the first fatality at the base, which had been operating for more than a year. LMAAB was an installation of the First Troop Carrier Command, and was used for training air units including airborne infantry, glider pilots, and paratroopers. Source: N&O 21SEP43.
Pope AFB Wayne Air, Military Mar. 23 1994 23 100 injured, F-16 vs. C-130 at 300 feet above runway.
Camp Lejeune Onslow Air, Military Jun. 23 1967 22 Helicopter collision at New River Marine air facility. HUE-1 and CH53-A Sea Stallion helicopters collided at 500 feet, at the end of a runway. Source: GenD.
Laurinburg-Maxton AAB Robeson Air, Military Jun. 7 1943 20 One of two C-47 transports that took off from Pope Field about 3 a.m., on flight to LMAAB. Encountering a thunderstorm, one plane turned back. Search party was dispatched about 5 a.m. and the wreckage and bodies of all aboard were found within sight of LMAAB. Crew of four and 16 passengers killed. Source: N&O.
Gingercake Mountain Burke Air, Military May. 17 1943 18 Army transport plane crashed into mountain, 25 miles of Morganton. Source: GenD.
Camp Lejeune Onslow Air, Military May 10 1996 14 Helicopter collision.
Camp Mackall Scotland Air, Military Oct. 30 1943 14 Transport plan, with four injured. Source: N&O 31OCT43
Greenknob Mountain Buncombe Air, Military Jun. 13 1944 10 Army B-24 bomber on combat training struck the mountain at night. Source: GenD.
Cherry Point MCAS Craven Air, Military Oct. 16 1975 9 TC-4C on initial lift-off.
Blewett Falls Lake Anson / Richmond Air, Military Apr. 29 1992 9 C-130 transport based at Pope Air Force Base, about 40 miles east of crash site. Plane crashed into lake.
Elizabeth City Pasquotank Air, Military Apr. 1? 1943 8 Navy patrol plane crashed at night into Albemarle Sound, 12 miles from Elizabeth City. Eight missing. Source: GenD.
Cherry Point MCAS Craven Air, Military Mar. 7 1959 8  
Burgaw Pender Air, Military Jul. 5 1945 7 Brazilian air force.
Fort Bragg Cumberland Air, Military Mar. 30 1954 7 C119 Flying Boxcar transport made emergency landing on narrow parade field, and crashed into a mess hall. Source: GenD.
Greensboro Guilford Air, Military Feb. 4 1962 7 Seven killed when C47 transport crashed and exploded immediately after takeoff at Greensboro-High Point Airport. The twin-engine plane apparently lost power about 150 feet off the ground, and plunged into a grassy area at the edge of the airport. The left wing struck first and its fuel tanks ignited. Two bodies were thrown clear of the flaming wreckage. Plane was en route from Guire AFB in NJ to its home field Elgin ALB in FL. Landed in G'bo about 4:00 p.m. to pick up an officer. Prior stop was in Philly. Source: Troy (NY) Times Record, 2/5/62 via Google.
Cherry Point MCAS Craven Air, Military /
Air, Civil
Jan. 9 1983 7 Beech D55 vs. McDonnell Douglas F4C about 30 miles south of Cherry Point. Two uninjured. Source: NTSB.
Denton Davidson Air, Military Mar. 30 1961 6 B-52 lost control during refueling attempt. Crew ordered to bail out. Only six of eight crew members had ejector seats. Massive explosion when crashed off Silver Hill Mine Road. Crater visible for 40 miles. Source: GNA, web site
Fort Bragg Cumberland Air, Military Jul. 2 1987 5 C-130 on dirt runway, also struck jeep with one person.
Camp Mackall Scotland Air, Military Feb. 19 1944 5 Five men killed in a glider crash at night during a routine flight. Source: N&O, 20FEB44.
Various Various Flooding Sep. 3 1913 12? Floods and wind in Eastern North Carolina. Source: GenD.
Winston Forsyth Flooding Nov. 2 1902 9 Brick reservoir of Winston water works burst at the top of Trade Street Hill, sweeping away dwellings with .8 to 1.4 million gallons of water and drowning 9 people as they slept. Source: GenD.
Various Various Hurricane Sept. 16 1999 51 Hurricane Floyd.
Various Various Hurricane Sept. 4-8 1996 24 Hurricane Fran.
Various Various Hurricane Oct. 15 1954 19 Hurricane Hazel.
Bachelor Creek Craven Military Accident May 26 1864 40 Torpedoes being removed from railway cars killed 40 soldiers and civilians. Source: GenD.
Camp Mackall Scotland Military Accident Feb. 16 1944 8 Eight paratroopers drowned in Kenny Cameron Lake, when their pilots miscalculated the drop zone. Source: USA.
Highway 301 Johnston Military Accident Mar. 7 1942 7 Munitions truck explosion. Over 100 injured. Source: Various.
Fayetteville, Near Cumberland MVA Jun. 6 1957 18 One of the nation’s worst truck accidents at the time, the fiery crash of a tractor-trailer carrying potatoes and flatbed truck carrying 41 migrant laborers at intersection of Highway 301 and 102, nine miles north of Fayetteville. 19 injured. Source: GNA, NCCC.
Lumberton, near Robeson MVA Oct. 3 1942 11 Bus, gas tanker, and wagon. Source: GNA.
Kinston, near Lenoir MVA Before Jul. 29 1964 10 N&O index entry, July 29, 1964. Page 1.
Plymouth Washington MVA Jul. 31,
on or before
1997 10 High school students. Source: GNA.
Charlotte Mecklenburg MVA Dec. 26 1931 9 Hit by train. Source: GNA.
Halifax Halifax MVA Before Aug 24 1964 9 N&O index entry, Aug 24, 1964. Page 1.
Williamston Martin MVA Oct. 17 1965 9 Three-car crash. Source: GNA.
Wadesboro, in or near Anson MVA Feb. 1 1970 9 Fiery crash. Source: GNA.
Durham Durham MVA Aug. 23 1996 8 Tractor-trailer/van on I-85 north of Durham. The truck driver faced eight felony charges, resulted in mistrial on Sep. 22, 1997. Source: NCCC.
Lumberton Roberson MVA Aug. 22 1933 7 Truck carrying 12 farmers crashed into side of train. Source: GNA.
Wilson Nash MVA Before Mar 1 1968 7 N&O index entry, March 1, 1968. Page 1.
Havelock Craven MVA Before Jun 1 1969 7 N&O index entry, June 1, 1969. Page 11.
?   MVA Sept. 7 1971 7 Head-on collision. Source: GNA.
Wake County Wake MVA Dec. 29 1976 7 Bissette Road, unpaved road about mile south of Shotwell Community. Head-on collision between two cars with six and five occupants. Victims ranged in age from fourteen to twenty-one. Three of the seven died at the hospital. Source: N&O, December 30, 1976.
Snow Hill Greene MVA May 21 1985 7 School bus/tractor-trailer. Twenty injured. Source: NCCC.
Fayetteville Cumberland MVA Nov. 29 1993 7 Source: GNA.
Troutman Iredell MVA Dec. 30 2003 7 Police chase. Source: GNA.
Chadbourn Columbus MVA May 14 1928 6 14 injured truck hit by train. Source: GNA.
Gastonia, near Gaston MVA Jul. 16 1967 6 Source: GNA.
Scotland Neck   MVA Sat. before Mar. 18 1968 6 US 258 just north of Scotland Neck. Head-on collision in a fog-shrouded curve. Four occupands and two occupants in the two cars. Source: N&O, March 18, 1968.
Benson, near Harnett MVA Sat. before Mar. 18 1968 6 Interstate 95, four  miles north of Benson. Car struck a tractor-trailer that had crossed the median and jackknifed. The truck landed on top of the car, which contained seven occupants. Source: N&O, March 18, 1968.
Lumberton Robeson MVA Before Aug 21 1969 6 Two injured. N&O index entry. August 21, 1969. Page 1.
Raleigh Wake MVA Oct. 24,
on or before
1982 6 Source: GNA.
Ramseur Randolph MVA Dec. 15 1997 6 Passenger car crossed center line on NC Highway 49 South. Fatalities included four-year-old girl traveling with her parents. Source: GNA, OH, NCCC.
? Chatham MVA June 23 1998 6 Head-on crash on NC 902 near Harper's Crossroads about twelve miles south of Siler City. Two injured.
Raleigh Wake MVA Nov. 1 2003 6 MVA/Pedestrian accident at Chapel Hill Road and Nowell Road.
Franklinton Franklin MVA Nov. 5 1926 5 Source: GNA.
Lucama Nash MVA Dec. 10 1961 5 Source: GNA.
Winston-Salem, Near Forsythe MVA Before Feb. 3 1965 5 N&O index entry, February 3, 1964, page 1.
Fuquay-Varina, near Wake MVA Sunday Before Sep 19 1966 5 Bass Lake Road about two-and-a-half miles north of Fuquay-Varina. Late-model convertible failed to make a curve, cross the road, apparently striking a culvert, and overturning, spilling occupants from open-toped car. Four died at the scene, and the fifth when arriving at the hospital. Source: N&O, September 19, 1966.
Henderson Vance MVA Before Jan 28 1968 5 N&O index entry, January 28, 1968. Page 1.
St. Pauls, near   MVA Before Jan 11 1969 5 Interstate 95, involving tractor-trailer. N&O index entry, January 11, 1969. Page 1.
Salisbury, near Rowan MVA Before May 26 1969 5 Interstate 85. N&O index, May 26, 1969. Page 1.
Pinetops   MVA Before Oct 15 1977 5 N&O index entry. October 15, 1977. Page 1.
Snow Hill Lenoir MVA May, 31 1987 5 Five students killed in bus accident. Source: State Archives N&O photo index.
? Pasquotank MVA Dec. 19,
on or before
1994 5 Source: GNA.
Nashville Nash MVA Oct. 3 1996 5 Two cars. Three-year-old child, mother, and three adults killed. Source: NCCC.
Lumberton Robeson MVA Dec. 20 1997 5 I-85 near Lumberton. Five New Jersey residents killed with their van sideswiped a car on I-85 near South Carolina border. Source: NCCC.
? Columbus MVA Dec. 31 1997 5 Head-on collision on US.74. Locals call road "Death Alley". Source: NCCC.
?   MVA Jan. 2
on or before
1998 5 Source: GNA.
Rennert Robeson Railroad Dec. 16 1943 74 Collision and derailment of two trains. Most of the fatalities were servicemen. 54 injured. Source: web site.
Hamlet Richmond Railroad Jul. 22 1906 29 Collision of two trains one mile from Hamlet, passenger train versus freight train. 23 seriously hurt. Source: GenD.
Statesville Iredell Railroad Aug. 26? 1891 25 Passenger train derails at Bostian's Bridge over Third Creek, two miles west of Statesville. Source: GenD.
Greensboro Wayne Railroad Dec. 15 1909 12 Passenger train on Southern Railway derails at Reedy Fork trestle, ten miles north of town. Injured total 25. Source: GenD.
Hamlet Richmond Railroad Jul. 27 1911 8 Collision of two trains in front of Hamlet roundhouse, passenger train versus freight train. 60 seriously hurt, 28 with minor injuries. Source: GenD.
Various Various Tornado Mar. 28 1984 42 Nine counties.
Various Various Tornado Feb. 19 1884 23 Two counties.
Various Various Tornado Apr. 2 1936 14 Guilford county (and maybe others?).
Various Columbus Tornado Nov. 16 2006 8  
Various Various Tornado Apr. 5 1931 6 Five counties in NC and VA. Source: GenD.
Various Various Tornado Apr. 3 1974 6 Two counties.
Roxobel Bertie Tornado Apr. 20 1943 5 Source: GenD.
Various Various Tornado May 5 1989 5 Two counties.
Farmville Chatham Mine May 27 1925 53 Coal Glen mine explosion. Source: Various.
Cumnock Lee Mine Dec. 19 1895 39 Coal mine. Explosion. Source: CDC.
Cumnock Lee Mine May 23 1899 23 Coal mine. Explosion. Source: CDC.
Altapass Mitchell Tunnel May 13? 1907 9 Nine killed by explosion during construction of railroad tunnel. Source: GenD.
Wilmington? New Hanover Boat/Ship Jun. 14 1838 150? Steamer Pulaski suffered boiler explosion some 30 miles from land. Source: GenD.
Currituck Beach Dare Boat/Ship Jan. 31 1878 150? Steamer Metropolis struck outer bar off Currituck Beach during a gale. Source: GenD.
Nag's Head Dare Boat/Ship Nov. 24 1877 98 Steamer Huron. Source: GenD.
Ocracoke Dare Boat/Ship Oct. 9 1837 95 Steamer Home sprung a leak, and ran ashore six miles north of Ocracoke. Source: GenD.
Cape Lookout Dare Boat/Ship Dec. 27? 1865 30? Steamer Constitution struck shoals of Cape Lookout in Dense Fog. Source: GenD.
Chowan River   Boat/Ship Feb. 17 1903 17? Steam passenger boat Olive, struck by tornado. Source: GenD.
Chicamicomico Dare Boat/Ship Feb. 22 1889 11 Josie Troop from Nova Scotia, a cargo ship. Source: GenD.
? ? Boat/Ship Before Dec. 9 1968 7 N&O index entry, December 9, 1968. Page 1.
Washington Beaufort Boat/Ship Jun. 28 1902 5 Tug J. L. Patterson overturned in storm while towing two schooners. Source: GenD.
Engelhard Hyde Boat/Ship Jan. 15 1915 5 Explosion of gas tank. Boat in Pamlico Sound
Southport Brunswick Boat/Ship Sept. 12 1928 5 Tank steamer Shreveport exploded at sea, off Frying Pan shoals. Four injured. 29 survivors. Source: Washington Post, 13SEP28.



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