Historic and Former Savannah Firehouses

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Unit Address Built Opened Closed Status    
E4 602 Barnard St. 1886 1886 1952 Retired Station 4 was built in 1886. Engine 4 was relocated to E. Lathrop Avenue in 1952. The building presently serves as a residence.  
E6 2202 Barnard St. 1900 1900 1982 Retired Station 6 was built in 1900 and included a clock tower with the two-story brick structure. It opened on April 20, 1901. The building was extensively renovated in 1956 and 1957. The station housed Engine 6, Truck 6 starting around 1976, and Squad 6 in the 1970s. In 1979, the department started the Station Relocation Project, which led to the selection of a new site for Station 9. It was relocated to Liberty Parkway in 1983. The building presently serves as a residence.
E7 801 E. Gwinnett St 1908 1909 1999 Retired The original location for Hose Company 7 was a hose-cart house on Waldburg Street near Price Street. A dedicated Station 7 was built in 1908. During the 1960s, the department repair shop was located at the site. The exterior was renovated in 1992. Engine 7 relocated to Sallie Mood Drive in 1998, when Savannah FD took over fire protection service from the Southside FD.
E8 2102 Ott St. 1936 1936 1955 Retired Station 8 was built in 1936. The bungalow-style building housed Engine 8, until the company relocated to 2824 Bee Road in 1955. The building presently serves as a church.
E3  121 E. Oglethorpe Ave. 1935-1936 1937   Active Station 3 occupies a lot that has been used for a fire station since about 1855, when Central Station and Firemen's Hall was erected. It was expanded in 1884, 1887, 1890, and 1908. By the early 20th Century, it was renamed Station 3. The original building was demolished circa 1935-1936 and replaced in 1937 with the assistance of the WPA. Over the decades, the station has housed Engine 3, Engine 3A, Booster 3, Truck 3, Snorkel 3, and Ladder 3. The station currently houses Engine 3 and Rescue 1.
E9  1943 Capital St 1940 or 1944 1945 2008 Retired Station 9 was built either in 1940 or 1944, documented by conflicting records. The year 1943 is presently painted on the building. Station 9 opened on October 1, 1945. Engine 9 relocated to 2235 Capital Street in 2008.
E5  6 West Henry 1946 1946   Active The first location for Station 5 was Henry Street between Bull and Whitaker streets. In 1890, the station was relocated the current location, but was addressed as 11 E. Henry Street. In 1946, the station was rebuilt, and with the new address of 6 W. Henry Street. Truck 5 was formed in 1949 and Squad 5 was formed in 1976. The station currently houses Engine 5 and Ladder 5. A replacement station is under construction on Bull Street.
E4  230 East Lathrop Avenue 1949-1952 1952 1999 Retired Station 4 relocated from Barnard Street in 1952. The one-story concrete building was built circa 1949 to 1952, and opened on August 30, 1952. It later housed the department's first black firefighters. The station was designed with separate sides for white and black firefighters, with two dormitories, two kitchens, and two bathrooms. In 1999, Engine 4 relocated to Augusta Road. The building currently serves as a sign shop for the city.
E8  2824 Bee Road 1955 1955   Active Station 8 relocated from Ott Street in 1955. The station housed Truck 8 from 1955 to 1981. The station presently houses Engine 8.
E1 535 E. 63rd St. 1959 1959   Active The original Station 1 was located on Washington Square, and subsequently on Broughton Street near Houston Street. The current Station 1 opened in 1959 with Engine 1 and Truck 1. In 1962, Engine 1A was placed in service. Squad 2 and Ladder 1 were later located at the station. The station presently houses Engine 1.
E2 7 Martin Luther King Blvd. 1970 1970 1999 Retired The original Station 2 at this location opened in 1896, when the fire department took possession of an existing building. It housed Engine 2 and Truck 2, and in the 1900s, the department's headquarters. In 1970, the station was demolished and a new building was constructed on the same site. In 1999, Station 2 relocated to Skyline Drive when the fire department expanded their services on the south side of the city. The building is currently occupied by the Fire Marshal's Office.




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