Bitter Moon (1994)

Roman Polanski's quasi-thriller stars Hugh Grant as Nigel, one-half of a
comfortable couple cruising from England to Estanbul to cure their
seven-year itch. But when Hubby gets a thirst for a leggy drink-of-water
(Polanski's wife, Emmanuelle Seigner), he's waylaid by her
wheelchair-bound husband (Peter Coyote). Water water everywhere and
Nigel has nowhere to run as her husband corners his guest with the
sordid story of why he's rolling and why he's not walking.

Running two hours and 19 minutes, BITTER MOON is a long-sit. The story
is compelling only at the ends and both male leads are a loss. Coyote,
in particular, is *extremely* unappealing, especially in voice-over. The
Paris locales (shown in narrated flashback) are a refreshing change, but
the film has a dull "European" look that's no fun to watch.  The sex is
sick, the ending is weird, and, yet, the whole affair is strangely
satisfying. Go figure.

Grade: B+

Copyright 1994 by Michael J. Legeros

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