Corrina Corrina (1994)

Naming a movie after a song is dangerous business, but CORRINA CORRINA
swings almost as well as its namesake.  This enjoyable comedy from the
fifties stars Ray Liotta as a just-lost-mom dad with an 8-year-old
daughter (Tina Majorino) who has stayed mute (or, ahem, mum) ever since
since the funeral.  Only after he hires maid Corrina (Whoopi Goldberg),
does life return to both his daughter and his home.

CORRINA is clunky as all get-out, with some glaring anachronisms and
way-too-broad humor, such as Joan Cusack arriving in padding (!) as
Nanny Number One.  Director Jessie Nelson shoots every other shot like a
home movie and that's doesn't help much, either.  The story picks up in
the second hour, though, when the characters suddenly "click."

Liotta is good as the vulnerable father-- the actor has a subtle range
that's worth watching here.  Goldberg is also good, though her
uncharacteristic (for that era) combination of "smarts 'n' sass" take a
little longer to get used to.  Majorino, as the daughter, is precious.

There's even an anti-smoking slant!  (Rated "PG"/~120 min.)

Grade B-

Copyright 1994 by Michael J. Legeros

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