Ed Wood (1994)

Sweet, small biopic from sweet director Tim Burton recaps the early life
and times of Edward Wood Jr., better known as Hollywood's Worst Director
of All Time.  That was Wood who flew in the face of continuity with such
"classics" as GLEN OR GLENDA?  (1953) and PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

Johnny Depp is all wide-eyed enthusiasm in the title role, even when
wearing women's clothes as Wood would.  Better is Martin Landau who
gives one of the year's best performances as Bela Lugosi.  Other players
include Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette, and
Jeffrey Jones.

The offbeat humor isn't for everyone, though I'd call this the perfect
companion piece to Burton's EDWARD SCISSORHANDS.  In black and white.

Grade: B+

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