I Like it Like That (1994)

The first major motion picture made by an African American woman (as if
that matters), I LIKE IT LIKE THAT is one of the best romantic comedies
you'll see on screen this year.  But only if you hurry-- the frankly
funny film leaves Triangle theaters tomorrow.

The story is about the emotional, sexual, and economic pressures faced
by a lower-income Latino couple; two young people trying to raise their
kids in an aggressive Bronx neighborhood.  "Street life" is tough, but
Lisette and Chino (Lauren Velez and Jon Seda) have stayed together for
ten years.  That is, until a citywide blackout changes their lives for-

Writer/director Darnell Martin does the impossible here, maintaining a
breezy, easy tone while incorporating the grim realities of urban
living.  She keeps her film funny-- sometimes *too* funny-- and never
turns away the more sensitive subjects. Watch how smoothly she handles
Chino's eleventh-hour encounter with a neighborhood drug dealer.

Her film is also very sexual, though neither offensive nor pornographic
(in case you happen to be consuming alcohol at the time of viewing).
The opening sequence, for example, centers on Chico's, ahem, "staying

Mainstream movies should be so frank.  (Rated "R"/~110 min.)

Grade: B+

Copyright 1994 by Michael J. Legeros

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