The Last Seduction (1994)

Linda Fiorentino is *the* femme fatale of the year, playing a
big-city siren who's on the lam from her husband (Bill Pullman).  She's
already won an acting award and her bitch queen routine is obvious Oscar
material.  That is, if she can get on the ballot.  (The film was first
released on cable, which may disqualify it from the competition.  A
final ruling is pending.)

Unfortunately, the rest of the film isn't quite the piece of work that
she is.  The story is overlong and Peter Berg is too wholesome as the
patsy that she, ahem, "enlists." He veers the film too close
to comedy and that's no good.  The story should be just as seedy as the
director's previous effort, RED ROCK WEST.

Grade: B+

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