Only You (1994)

This breezy romantic comedy from director Norman Jewison doesn't have
half the charm of his better known MOONSTRUCK.  But that was then and
this is now, post SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, post IT COULD HAPPEN YOU, where
romance is defined by the number of old love songs played between the

Plot has the about-to-be-married Faith Corvatch (Marisa Tomei) arriving
in Italy on a last-minute search for her soulmate.  With her
sister-in-law (Bonnie Hunt) in tow, she's determined to find the man
identified by her Ouija board (don't ask) as the man "meant for her."

What sounds madcap really isn't, though there's some fun to be had in
watching Tomei and Hunt scour the Italian countryside. Film comes to
life in the second half, with the arrival of Robert Downey Jr. as

Not recommended for viewers on a restricted sugar diet.

Grade: C+

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