The River Wild (1994)

So what if Meryl Streep wants to play Linda Hamilton?  THE RIVER WILD is
one of those pulse-pounding, preposterous thrillers that works best with
your brain almost entirely on hold.  That way you can sit back and smile
and think of all the ways that you'd do things differently if *you* were
the person on the raft with your family and a killer and not a banjo in

Come on, is a guy who can't swim (Bacon) *really* going to volunteer to
take a trip on a river?

The photography of the trip is quite good and the river certainly looks
wild.  Too bad bad guy Kevin Bacon never really gets into the act.  He
can be creepy when he wants to be.  Streep and (David) Strathairn are
both fine.  From the director of BAD INFLUENCE and THE HAND THAT ROCKS

What you get is what you expect.

Grade: B

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