Stargate (1994)

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA meets STAR WARS.  This epic sci-fi film is more sheer
spectacle than anything else.  Director Roland Emmerich (UNIVERSAL
SOLIDER) shamelessly rips off Lucas and Spielberg and just about any
other cosmic cliche that he can lay his hands on.  The film is overlong,
the characters are cardboard, and the script is filled with some of the
most laughable details in modern sci-fi history.

That said, there's still plenty to watch here.  Sci-fi fans should enjoy
the sculpted sands, the morphing headdresses, and a surprisingly spunky
James Spader.  He plays the Egyptologist who gets to prove his theory
that that "somebody else" built the pyramids.  Less interesting are
co-stars Kurt Russell and Jaye Davidson of CRYING GAME fame.

Grade: C-

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