Widow's Peak (1994)

"That woman is a mockery of her s-e-x." - Joan Plowright on Natasha

WIDOW'S PEAK is a shoddy comedy cum drama about a glamorous English war
widow (Richardson) who wreaks havoc in the humble hamlet of Kilshannon,
a small Irish resort town in the mid 1920's.  Her home is on a hill-- a
minor mount called Widows' Peak, where all the residents are childless
and manless. This maiden mafia is ruled by the blustery Mrs. Counihan
(Joan Plowright), whose son (Adrian Dunbar) is also the pride of the
Peak. When the war widow sets her sights on the son, she also draws the
attention of the Peaks' strangest spinster, Miss O'Hare (Mia Farrow).
Needless to say, the two commence a-feudin'.

WIDOW'S PEAK is shoddy.

The dialogue is muted, the direction is limp, and the music is way
too-intrusive. (For a contrast, look at the clean direction and smooth
execution of SPEED. Different subjects; same medium.) The story--
written over 10 years ago with Mia's mom in mind-- also has problems,
notably in the late-in-the-film leap from comedy to drama.

The actors are fun, though, and help balance the boredom. Richardson is
great and even manages an accurate American accent.  Plowright is a gas,
casually tossing off line after haughty line.  "Enough's enough, we
don't want to spoil them!" she tells her fellow widows, who are tending
their husband's graves. Farrow is fine, but her character is
underwritten. A loss. The two prominent males-- Adrian Dunbar and Jim
Broadbent-- are both good.

Grade: C+

Copyright 1994 by Michael J. Legeros

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