You So Crazy (1994)

Martin Lawrence wants to be heard. But the comedian's black-and-blue
banter only goes so far in this concert film from the star of TV's

When he's raging on such social ills as racism, Lawrence lacks the
fire to be believable.  Remember how angry Richard Pryor used to get
on this stuff?  Martin's methods are also less impressive-- the
comedian follows up pleas for racial harmony with racial jokes. Does
he think he's making racial-joke jokes?

But when Martin gets blue, he beats his betters hands down. YOU SO
CRAZY is unrated for a reason and, as his status as persona non
grata on "Saturday Night Live" can attest, Lawrence's off-color
comedy could drain anyone's color. The finale, which includes topics
that will go unmentioned here, is a tour de force of tastelessness
that should be delved with discretion.

BTW, been to the Tower Twin lately?  This pre-cineplex museum ain't
a bad a place to see a show. The seats are tough on the tokus, but
the screen is sweeping, the seating is spacious, and the lobby,
while small, is quite clean. I *did* have to ask them to cut the
sound down, but what's a trip to the movies without at least *one*
complaint to the management?

BOTTOM LINE:  Is he funny?  Some of the time.

Grade: C+

Copyright 1994 by Michael J. Legeros

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