Angus (1995)

The title character in this coming-of-age flick is a very large (and 
very smart) high schooler with two primary problems:  a tremendous 
crush on a cheerleader and a lifelong feud with her boyfriend, the 
school's star quarterback.  In a plot twist reminiscent of CARRIE, fat 
boy and blondie are unexpectedly named King and Queen of the prom and  
you can guess what's planned to happen next.  

Though as lumpy as its hero, ANGUS has a soft heart and an even 
sweeter message.  Newcomer Charlie Talbert, who plays the lad, is an 
affable presence, even if he lisps a bit much.  Also on hand is Kathy 
Bates, as Mom, and George C. Scott as the narcoleptic grandfather 
whose sole advice to his `son is "screw `em."  Great soundtrack, too.

Grade: B-

Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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