An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)

The reteaming of director Mike Newell and star Hugh Grant is about as 
far removed as you can get from the lightsome comedy of FOUR WEDDINGS 
AND A FUNERAL.  Their second collaboration is a downbeat theatrical 
drama about a young intern (Georgina Cates) struggling to survive in 
post-W.W.II Liverpool.  Hugh plays the gay director, an *extremely* 
unappealing character who may alienate whatever fans are left after 
the nonsense of NINE MONTHS.  Bleak make-up and thick accents conspire 
to make this a difficult story to settle into.  AN AWFUL ADVENTURE is 
not without *some* rewards, tho.  The Peter Pan subtext is intriguing.  
As is the diverse ensemble cast that includes Peter Firth, Alan 
Rickman, and Prunella Scales.  Basil!

Grade: C

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