Babe (1995)

George Orwell meets E.B. White in this adorable Aussie import about a   
pig who thinks he's a sheepdog.  Before you roll your eyes at yet   
*another* animal comedy, check out director Chris Noonan's switched   
perspective that puts the animals before the humans.  A combination of   
live-action and animatronic tricks (from Jim Henson's Creature Shop)   
make this barnyard gang appear to talk (via voice-overs).  The main   
characters include a plucky pig, a neurotic duck, and a matriarchal   
Border Collie. (We could all do without the Greek chorus of squeaky-  
voiced rodents, though, who appear at odd intervals to announce the   
title cards.)    
Co-produced and co-written by George Miller (MAD MAX), of all people,   
from the children's book by Dick King-Smith.  Fine technical credits  
throughout, including a delightful score that's based on one of *my*   
favorite orchestral works, Camille Saint-Saens' "Symphony No.3 Op 78."  
BACON BIT: Because little piggies grow so quickly, a host of replacement   
           Babes were used for the filming.  How many center-cut loin          
           chops does *that* translates into?  Uuuummmmmm, pork chops.  
Grade: A-  
Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros     

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