Carrington (1995)

Another cryptic period piece, ala PERSUASION.  Well-acted by Emma 
Thompson and Cannes Best Actor winner Jonathan Pryce, CARRINGTON is 
the story of the unrequited love between British painter Dora 
Carrington (Thompson) and eccentric writer Lytton Strachey (Pryce).  
They shared a passion for years, though he was an avowed homosexual 
who found the female form rather offensive.  (Their repression 
knowing no limits, each maintained separate sexual relationships 
while always staying very close to each other.)  The fine cast, 
notably Pryce, and an ever-interesting story makes CARRINGTON quite 
watchable, despite a confusing script that too often misses the 
nuts-and-bolts of basic character introductions.  We get the juicy 
bits, but not always what comes before.  (Anyone up for a tally of 
how many times Emma takes another hop in the sack?  I wonder what 
Kenneth thought...)

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