Casper (1995)

Skip it.  The computer-generated FX are cute, but the story is all over  
the place. The simple, sweet premise of a very lonely ghost has been  
expanded to include a variety of vulgar subplots, ranging from hidden  
treasure to a kitchen-sink explanation of the afterlife.  Groan.  The  
result is too broad to be believable.    
If the jokes were stronger (say, ala THE FLINTSTONES), we might have  
something here.  But with the exception of a few good lines ("this  
sucks" is a classic), there isn't enough to sustain adult interest. Even  
a half-dozen well-placed cameos don't generate the guffaws that they  
should.  Kids won't mind, though.  They'll love the eye-popping  
production design that looks quite ookey on the inside (and quite phony  
on the outside).    
We all could do without the wish-fulfillment ending.  The final reel is  
the worst, with enough ghosts, angels, and misplaced spirits to send  
even the lowest-level paranormal screaming from the theater.  And, yes,  
that *is* Little Richard singing "Casper the Friendly Ghost" over the  
closing credits. Good golly!  
BOTTOM LINE:  Strictly for kids, even if the language isn't the                
best in places.  
Grade: D+   

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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