Crimson Tide (1995)

The first half of CRIMSON TIDE is cut from your standard submarine-movie 
cloth.  There's an enemy threat here, a serious crisis there, and a 
stern Captain (Gene Hackman) trying to size-up his new Executive Officer 
(Denzel Washington).  The dialogue is Tom Clancy techno-talk; the plot 
is standard Navy issue.  No problem. 
Where CRIMSON TIDE charts its *own* course is in the second hour, when 
the Captain and the XO find themselves on opposite sides of an order.  
Voices are raised, sidearms are issued, and the plot begins to list in 
the direction of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY.  It's here where the film becomes 
CRIMSON TIDE is very well acted, even if the total characters number all 
of two.  There isn't much to differentiate the rest of the cast, except 
for the occasional familiar face, or dialogue riff.  (The best lines 
come from script doctor Quentin Tarantino, whose pop-culture references 
include "Star Trek" and the Silver Surfer.) 
There are many many more reasons to like this film-- the impeccable 
technical work, the imposing message on chain-of-command, and so on and 
on.  And, yes, all from the director of TOP GUN and DAYS OF THUNDER.  
BOTTOM LINE:  Less an action movie, than a high-testosterone battle of 
              wills.  FAIL SAFE entertainment.  (sorry) 
Grade: A-

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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