Destiny Turns on the Radio (1995)

This quirky Las Vegas comedy has attracted attention because it features
PULP FICTION director Quentin Tarantino in a sizeable supporting role.
He plays Johnny Destiny, a minor deity (don't ask) who wanders The Strip
in search of those who need a change of luck.  His first stop is with an
escaped con (Dylan McDermott), who is trying to win back both his loot
and his girl (Nancy Travis).

Those waiting to see if Tarantino's acting has improved since PULP
FICTION should save their money.  He's as flat as ever.  His costars
don't have much presence, either.  Both McDermott and Travis are boring.
James Belushi fares a bit better as a mob boss with a firm handle on
himself.  If there's a bright spot here, it's James LeGros (different
spelling) as the brother.  He's the one to watch before turning this
RADIO off.

Grade: D+

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