Frankie Starlight (1995)

The most *unusual* melodrama of the season mixes a French stowaway, an 
Irish dwarf, and a carefree Texan to astronomically touching results. 
FRANKIE STARLIGHT is the story of a small man (Corban Walker) who finds 
fame (becomes a star?) after his astronomy-themed autobiography becomes 
a bestseller.  Adapted from Chet Raymo's 1993 novel "The Dork of Cork" 
by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg, there's actually *two* tales at work 
here: one is a look back to the author's youth, the other is a peek at 
what happens when he becomes famous. 

Story problems abound.  The narrative jerks about, sometimes forgetting 
a plot point (or two) and never properly charting the passage of time.  
What's left isn't exactly emotionally inviting, yeah, but it's still 
made merry by a winning international cast.  The prominent players 
include Anne Parillaud, Gabriel Byrne, Matt Dillon, and Georgina Cates 
(AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE).  The most appealing of the lot is newcomer 
Alan Pentony, as the young Frankie.  He's worth every minute of screen 
time.  (Rated "R"/101 min.)

Grade: B-

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