French Twist (1995)

The character motivations don't make a lick of sense in this often-
funny French comedy about a menage a trois, of sorts, between a
philandering husband (Alain Chabat), his devoted-but-doesn't-know
wife (Victoria Abril), and her incidental lesbian lover (Josaine
Balasko).  He screws around because... he's French?  His wife falls
into another woman's arms because... he ignores her??  It doesn't
add up for a second and it doesn't have to.  However, uh, foreign
their behaviors, the characters are honest and very easy to laugh
with.  The frank sexuality is also rewarding.  As usual, it takes a
film outside of the system to portray sex as just sex.  (Rated
"R"/100 min.)

Grade: C+       

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: March 10, 1996

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