Grumpier Old Men (1995)

The sight of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau cavorting about like 
teenagers is a minor miracle that even director Howard Deutch 
(GETTING EVEN WITH DAD) can't dispel.  He's the hack who has 
inexplicably turned a great cast and a compassionate script-- by 
Mark Steven Johnson, writer of the original-- into the sort of 
featherweight fluff that is better-suited to television.  With the 
exception of Burgess Meredith's hilariously foul mouth, most of 
GRUMPIER OLD MEN plays like a lost episode of "The Flintstones."

The problem is timing.  Deutch renders nearly every scene flat, 
botching even the simplest attempts at staged humor.  (Such as 
playing "That's Amore" during a key romantic moment with new love-
interest Sophia Loren.  Groan.  No offense Dean, we'll miss you.)  
The story is well-paced, though, and includes a pleasant subplot 
about "the kids" (Kevin Pollock and Daryl Hannah).  The seasoned 
cast is a charm, from Matthau's grimace to Sophia's smile.  Too bad 
that their best bits are confined to the blooper reel that rolls 
over the closing credits. (Rated "PG"/95 min.)

Grade: C+

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