Home For the Holidays (1995)

A turkey.  Jodie Foster's take on Holiday Hell is a tedious ensemble
comedy that should play far funnier that it does.  Holly Hunter, as a
single mom, is the daughter returning to the roost for the ritual
feast and family warfare.  The rest of the Thanksgiving Wacko Squad
includes the bothersome-but-lovable brother (Robert Downey Jr.), the
retired, fidgety father (Charles Durning), the chain-smoking,
meddlesome Mom (Anne Bancroft), and the sweet, senile aunt (Geraldine
Chaplin).  One big, happy, dysfunctional family.  Yawn.

Despite a script stuffed tighter than the two holidays birds featured
therein (don't ask), there's nothing particularly funny about HOME
FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  No zingers, or jabs, or even easy laughs.  The
story stumbles and fumbles, and poor Foster never finds the right
rhythm for her film.  And, when the inevitable drama creeps in, the
whole thing stops dead in it's tracks.  Save your pennies for plane
fare and go to your *own* home for the holidays.  At least you'll be

Copyright 1995 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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