The Jerky Boys (1995)

They are a pair of pranksters from Queens who specialize in abusive,
obscene phone calls.  Their strengths are their voices, which help
breath to life such unforgettable characters as the irate Frank Rizzo
and the hapless Sal Rosenberg.  What the Jerky Boys are *not* are
actors, and this movie makes the mistake of trying treat them as same.

A truly innovative script would've kept the Boys (Johnny Brennan and
Kamal) hidden off-screen for the entire film.  This slop reveals their
identities within the first five minutes-- a mistake from which the film
never recovers.  Sure, the two recreate some of their better-known bits
to amusing effect, but the bulk of the film is just one, long chase
scene.  And what are William Hickey, Alan Arkin, Ozzy Osbourne, and Tom
Jones doing here?

Executive produced by Tony Danza and Emilio Estevez (!).

Grade: D+

Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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