The Journey of August King (1995)

The mountains of North Carolina are the setting for this agreeable 
period drama (1815) about a lonely, widowed farmer (Jason Patric) 
who befriends a runaway slave (Thandie Newton) on his three-day 
trek back from trading.  He's a quiet, gentle man who consents to 
conceal the girl in his horse-drawn cart, along with the geese, 
pig, and cow that he's carrying.  Her owner (a squinty Larry Drake) 
is also on the trail, as are numerous other people, which makes the 
journey all the more dangerous.  Rather engrossing for both the 
excellent period detail and the breathtaking scenery, THE JOURNEY 
OF AUGUST KING doesn't muster much in the way of dramatic weight.  
Missing is a sense of August King The Person.  We're shown what he 
*does*, but not who he *is*.  Thus, whatever metaphorical "journey" 
he undergoes can only be inferred.  And that's no good.  Directed 
by John Duigan (SIRENS) from a screenplay by John Ehle, based on 
his novel, and filmed entirely in North Carolina. (Rated "R"/94 

Grade: B-

Copyright 1996 by Michael J. Legeros

Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: June 8, 1996

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