Just Cause (1995)

Sean Connery stars as a Harvard law professor who heads back into the
courtroom, by way of the Everglades, to defend a young, educated black
man (Blair Underwood).  The guy is on death row for the murder of a
white girl, and says that his confession was coerced from the region's
tough, black cop (Lawrence Fishburne).

Watching Connery and Fishburne bump heads for two hours is amusing
enough, but the plot's a joke.  There's no logic at work here.  Tone is
also an issue-- there is none.  Director Arne Glimcher never establishes
exactly what his film is trying to say.  Is it a statement on human
rights?  Is it a knock-off of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS?  Glimcher never
tells.  Instead, he forces his characters to jump through hoop after
hoop, over drawbridge after drawbridge, hoping that the audience won't
notice what's missing.

Just awful.

Grade: D+

Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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