A Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995)

Twain keeps a-rollin' with this CONNECTICUT YANKEE update that sends a 
14-year-olde little-leaguer (the charmless Thomas Ian Nicolas) back to 
the 12th Century, via an earthquake.  He's there at the request of 
Merlin (Ron Moody!), who has sent for a "great warrior" to aid King 
Arthur and Camelot.  The King (Joss Ackland) needs help because he has 
two royal daughters who need wooing-- as well as a scheming aide who 
isn't (Art Malik, in the Frank Langella role).  Imagine the sorcerer's 
surprise when somebody *other* than Richard Gere shows up. 
This is dumb, inoffensive kid's stuff with hardly a whiff of innovation 
about it.  The plot is the worst-- come on, how many teens carry a 
flashlight (and a cd player.. and rollerblades.. and superglue..) in 
their backpack?  And are those rubber tips at the end of their lances?  
Surely you joust.  The whole thing is overscored and overlong, the 
latter by at least twenty minutes.  But, hey, this is Disney, where 
fluff is stuff and lame makes millions.   
(To be fair, there are a few laughs, usually from the kid's reworking of 
the Kings English.  Sample dialogue:  "Your chain has been royally 
pulled."  The cast is also quite nice, though underused.  Look for 
HEAVENLY CREATURES' Kate Winslet as Arthur's older daughter.)   
SHORT NOTE:  Bundled with RUNAWAY BRAIN, the first new Mickey Mouse 
             cartoon in 42 years.  
Grade: D+ 
Copyright 1995 Michael J. Legeros
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