Nick of Time (1995)

Great gimmick; godawful movie.  Joe Everyman (Johnny Depp) has 
ninety minutes to kill the person in the photo, says bad guy 
Christopher Walken, or his little girl dies.  Here's the gun, 
here's the hotel, and here's her itinerary.  Fail to complete the 
mission, and your daughter dies.  No problem-- we saw this much in 
the trailer and it looked good then.  Director John Badham (POINT 
OF NO RETURN, STAKEOUT) has also shot the story in "real time," so 
one minute here equals one minute there.  Cool.  The problem comes 
with, well, all the rest of it.  Instead of leaving Depp alone and 
to his own devices, the script has Walken's character hounding his 
every turn.  Which is insane.  Any chance of innovation is negated 
through this, and other boneheaded plot points.  We threw up our 
hands and left after 35 minutes of "real time."

Grade: W/O

Originally posted to triangle.movies

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