Nine Months (1995)

Director Chris Columbus continues to experiment with tone, trying his 
hardest to juxtapose sentiment and slapstick the way he did so well in 
HOME ALONE.  He partially succeeded with his last film, the stuffy MRS. 
DOUBTFIRE.  Here, he fails.  The characters in this remake of the French 
farce NEUF MOIS need a more intimate approach than what's attempted 
here. (In fact, the film's best joke is a throwaway-- the characters 
race past a marquee that reads HOME ALONE VII.)  

The cast is good, though, and they'll survive to film another day.  And 
nobody does reticence quite like Hugh Grant, even if NINE MONTHS is a 
really poor showcase for Scandal Boy.  Hugh could do better.  With 
Julianne Moore, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Arnold, Joan Cusack, and a scene-
stealing Robin Williams.

Grade: C-

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